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Nevada Governor Confirms June 4 As Target Date For State Casinos To Re-Open

Gov. Sisolak Canceled Original Press Conference After Being Exposed To Coronavirus


The Las Vegas StripAccording to Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak, barring any unforeseen changes, casinos in the Silver State can begin slowly re-opening on June 4.

The Las Vegas Strip and the rest of the state’s 441 gaming establishments have been closed since the Governor shut down all non-essential businesses in mid-March.

To open, casino properties will need to submit safety plans to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, which is limiting occupancy to 50 percent and requires social distancing protocols to stay in place. Many games and slot machines will be protected with plexiglass barriers and there will be limits to how many players can sit at each table, including a four-player cap on poker.

“We welcome the visitors from across the country to come here, to have a good time, no different than they did previously, but we’re gonna be cautious," said Sisolak.

Many gaming companies will opt to only re-open some or part of their casinos at first, and will wait until restrictions are lifted and visitors start to return before offering more amenities and dining options.

According to the American Gaming Association, just 181 of the country’s 989 commercial and tribal casinos are currently open. Casinos in Florida opened last week to long lines and even a waiting list to play poker.

The announcement was part of Sisolak’s phase 2 plan, which will see more openings on May 29 including gyms, bars, spas, movie theaters, pools, and other recreational facilities.

Nevada Gov. Steve SisolakSisolak was scheduled to make an in-person press conference Tuesday night to formalize the announcement, but was forced to cancel after it was discovered that he was possibly exposed to COVID-19.

“Late last week, I visited a work place where an employee, who was not in the building at time, has since reported testing positive for COVID19. My Office learned of the positive test result on Tuesday,” Sisolak revealed on Twitter.

Opening the Las Vegas Strip will certainly help unemployment numbers. Nevada’s Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation reported Friday that the state currently sits at an unemployment rate of 28.2 percent, or roughly 245,000 jobs.

The only businesses that will stay closed for the time being include nightclubs, strip clubs, and Nevada’s legalized brothels.