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Online World Series of Poker Super Circuit: Over $1.1 Million Paid Out Through Six Events

Shankar Pillai and James Carroll Among Latest Winners In The Online Circuit Series


The 2020 Super Circuit Series online tournament kicked off last weekend with the first of 18 gold-ring poker tournaments to run between March 14-31. The Wolrd Series of Poker included $1,240,000 in guaranteed prize money throughout the series, and through just six events there has already been $1,159,550 paid out. Each and every event in the series so far has beat its guarantee, with five of six events more than tripling the promised number. A recap of events 1-3 can be found here.

The series is available to any players of legal age within the physical state limits of New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware. A Full listing of tournaments offered can be found on Card Player’s tournament database page.

Much like the first three events of the series, the fourth through sixth tournaments on the schedule all easily surpassed their guarantees. Event 4 was a $75,000 guaranteed no-limit hold’em high roller six-max event, which allowed up to two re-entries. The event began at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Mar. 17. it ultimately drew a total of 290 entries, which more than tripled the guarantee to create a final prize pool of $276,950 that was awarded to the top 30 finishers.

Shankar PillaiIn the end, two-time WSOP bracelet winner Shankar ‘burgersssss’ Pillai emerged victorious, capturing his second WSOP Circuit gold ring and the top prize of $74,777. The win came just one week after Pillai finished sixth in the World Poker Tour Rolling Thunder main event for $45,390. Runner-up Jonathan ‘Art.Vandelay’ Dokler earned $165,918.

Two-time WSOP bracelet winner Calvin ‘projector52’ Anderson earned $16,617 as the fifth-place finisher. It was his second cash of the series. Matt ‘RubberFist’ Stout placed sixth for $13,848, just two days after winning event 2 of the series for $43,286 and his fourth gold ring.

Plenty of other notable players made the money in this event, including bracelet winner and former Card Player Online Player of the Year Steve ‘gboroooo’ Gross (10th – $3,600), four-time WPT champion Darren ‘darrenelias’ Elias (12th – $3,600), WPT winner Dylan ‘thedogsofwar’ Wilkerson (13th – $3,600), bracelet winners Jeremy ‘chipchecka’ Ausmus (15th – $3,600) and Jason ‘haderade’ Sommerville (16th – $2,908), Aaron ‘FrankDux’ Massey (17th – $2,908), Darren ‘avacadotoast’ Rabinowitz (21st – $2,631), two-time bracelet winners Chance ‘bingshui’ Kornuth (24th – $2,631) and Eric ‘circleball’ Baldwin (28th – $2,520) and Simon ‘justakeit’ Deadman (30th – $2,520).

Here is a look at the payouts awarded at the final table of event #4:

Rank Player Payout
1 Shankar ‘burgersssss’ Pillai $74,777
2 Jonathan ‘Art.Vandelay’ Dokler $43,620
3 Keith ‘T1mB3y_B33F’ Donovan $24,926
4 Andrew ‘randeylerch’ Kelsall $19,387
5 Calvin ‘projector52’ Anderson $16,617
6 Matt ‘RubberFist’ Stout $13,848

The next event up was the $50,000 guaranteed $215 buy-in no-limit hold’em event with double re-entry. The tournament got underway at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, Mar. 18. By the time registration closed, 859 entries had been made to once again more than triple the guarantee. The $171,800 final prize pool was disbursed among the top 100 finishers, but the largest share went to Jaime ‘mooseman1710’ Reyes. The New Jersey resident secured $41,232 and their first gold ring as the champion.

Lauren RobertsLauren ‘sycamore22’ Roberts took home $9,105 for her third cash and second final-table finish through the series so far. The 2019 U.S. Poker Open $10,000 no-limit hold’em event winner had placed eighth in event 3 just two days earlier for $2,944.

WSOP and WPT winner Tyler ‘dumbram’ Patterson finished seventh for $5,498, just four days after having placed fourth in the Bay 101 Shooting Star main event for $113,860. Patterson is the most recent guest on Card Player’s Poker Stories podcast. Check out that episode here.

James ‘meatsweats’ Carroll made his third cash of the series by finishing 13th for $1,890. More on Carroll later, though. Matt ‘Rubberfist’ Stout earned his fourth cash through five events in the series, taking home $687 as the 27th place finisher. Other big names to make deep runs in this event include Steve ‘gborooo’ Gross (28th – $687), Daniel ‘juice’ Buzgon (33rd – $601), Eric ‘bill_luga’ Blair (34th – $601), two-time bracelet winner Nipun ‘javatini’ Java (40th – $515), David ‘dwpokr’ Williams (42nd – $481), and Chris ‘robotbob47’ Moorman (60th – $464).

Here is a look at the payouts awarded at the final table of event #5:

Rank Player Payout
1 Jaime ‘mooseman1710’ Reyes $41,232
2 Brandon ‘horus’ Eisen $21,819
3 Jeffrey ‘MahaKala108’ Gross $14,259
5 Lauren ‘sycamore22’ Roberts $9,105
6 Jacob ‘Timmy2Cox’ Rich $7,387
7 Tyler ‘dumbram’ Patterson $5,498
8 Stephen ‘DitchPlains’ Brennan $3,608
9 James ‘richrdparker’ Taylor $2,405

The most recent event to wrap up was the $50,000 guaranteed $320 buy-in no-limit hold’em with double re-entry which began at 4:00 p.m. PST on Mar. 19. With 720 entries, the prize pool surged to $217,800 for more than a quadrupling of the guarantee.

James CarrollTwo-time WPT main event champion James ‘meatsweats’ Carroll came out on top in this event, earning $53,361 and his first-ever WSOPC gold ring for the win. This was the third cash and second final-table appearance for the Henderson, Nevada-based poker pro.

WSOPC ring holder Ross ‘BlueTang’ Gottlieb secured $11,761 as the fifth-place finisher in this event. It was his second cash of the series. Other big names to make deep runs in this event included Matt ‘3ofSpade’ Berkey (9th – $3,158), Daniel ‘centrfieldr’ Lupo (40th – $762), Tim ‘unorth0dox’ Reilly ($741), Chris ‘robotbob47’ Moorman (48th – $741), WSOPC ring winner Brent ‘grebnrets’ Roberts (51sy – $719) and Dylan ‘thedogsofwar’ Wilkerson (52nd – $719), who was making his second cash of the series.

Here is a look at the payouts awarded at the final table of event #6:

Rank Player Payout
1 James ‘meatsweats’ Carroll $53,361
2 Brian ‘bexel’ Sherrier $29,947
3 Stanton ‘Stonniepokes’ Tentnowski $18,295
4 Steven ‘Anonymous’ Mlenak $13,939
5 Ross ‘BlueTang’ Gottlieb $11,761
6 David ‘limpfold247’ Mowery $9,583
7 Jonathan ‘jonathannn’ Su $7,187
8 Scott ‘moose4life’ Lazewski $4,791
9 Matt ‘3ofSpade’ Berkey $3,158

Shankar Pillai image credit: WSOP. Lauren Roberts image credit: Drew Amato / Poker Central.