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Poker Pro Matt Glantz Willing To Contract Coronavirus For $250K

Glantz Nearly Accepted An Offer From Fellow HIgh-Stakes Gambler Blake Stevenson, But The Two Couldn't Come To Terms


Earlier this week, before the fear of spreading the coronavirus inside the United States really began to take hold, one poker pro was willing to infect himself with the virus for $250,000.

High-stakes mixed games specialist Matt Glantz tweeted last weekend that in exchange for the six-figure sum, he would document his experience dealing with the coronavirus. He also promised to self-quarantine as to not spread the virus to anyone else.

The tweet was met with a wide array of responses. There were a few people who were willing to do the same thing for less money.

And of course a number of responders who thought that Glantz was off his rocker.

Carter Gill even offered up his experience when he contracted a previous viral epidemic years ago.

But eventually high-stakes gambler Blake Stevenson, who goes by “EmpireMaker2” on twitter, offered to Glantz his asking price.

After some back and forth, however, the two gamblers couldn’t decide on an appropriate time frame to give Glantz to contract the virus and prove a positive test. Stevenson offered a week and Glantz said he needed three. Stevenson revised his offer to two weeks and Glantz wouldn’t budge.

Glantz has yet to receive another offer. At this point, it seems the freeroll is dead and Glantz is still coronavirus-free, at least for the time being.

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1 year ago

with people physically suffering and dying, and probably millions suffering serious economic harm, these asshats like Glantz surface.


1 year ago

not Cia. Couldn't agree more. Wow. What a way to get publicity. Idiot.


1 year ago

As one who has already has been diagnosed with Covid-19 and recovered, it's was like having a glorified cold, had a temperature for a few days and felt a little ichy, no medicine required. 45yr old male in shape.


1 year ago

Mr. Glantz is certainly not enhancing the image of poker by making an offer like this.