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Raymond Rahme Eliminated Third

Takes Home ($3,048,025) for His Amazing Effort

Raymond Rahme Eliminated 3rd ($3,048,025)

Jerry Yang raises to $2 million and is reraised by PokerStars qualifier Raymond Rahme to $8.6 million. Yang makes the call, and the flop comes A J 8. Rahme checks and Yang fires out a $10 million bet. Rahme moves all in, and Yang is faced with his biggest decision of the tournament. Rahme looks calm as he pushes all of his chips into the middle, while Yang looks unsure of his decision. He goes into the tank for several minutes, and the ESPN arena is silent. Yang looks up then says, "I call." Rahme quickly says, "nice call" and turns over K K. Yang does his patented double fist pump and rolls over A 5. The next two cards brick for Rahme when they come 3 2, and he is sent home with over $3 million.

We are on a short break prior to heads-up play.
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