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Alex Kravchenko Eliminated Fourth

A-K Does Not Hold Up For A.K. in a Turning Point Hand


Alex Kravchenko Eliminated in Fourth Place ($1,852,721)

A turning point hand at the final table just occurred. Jerry Yang moves all in preflop and Alex Kravchenko makes the call. Kravchenko flips over his initials, in the form of A K. Yang turns up pocket eights. The flop rolls out Q 9 8 and the crowd goes wild. Yang, Raymond Rahme, and Tuan Lam spring to their prospective corners to celebrate, because the likely elimination of Kravchenko would mean at least a $3,048,025 payday for all three. Things take a moment to calm down, and then the turn and river bring 4 3. Kravchenko is eliminated in fourth place, and he takes home $1,852,721 in prize money.