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Lee Childs Eliminated Seventh

Suckout Sends Him Home With $705,209

It is folded to Childs in the small blind, and he raises to $480,000 more. Jerry Yang waits for the count on Childs, then moves all in. Childs stands up, back to the table as he contemplates his decision. He returns to his chair, with his dwindling chip stack reflected in the ruby red glasses atop his black hat. Yang is statuesque as Childs thinks, hand covering his face. A look of contentment spreads across Childs' face as he seems to make his decision . He announces "I call" and immediately the crowd is on its feet. Child's pumps both his fists and he realizes his K J, has Yang's J8 dominated. Things look better on the flop as it comes 644 and Childs is in prime position to double up. Things take a drastic turn for him, however, when the turn rolls off one of the sickest cards in the deck, the 8. Now Yang takes the lead, but Childs still has a king or club to take the pot back. His journey ends when the river brings the 9, and he is sent to the rail in seventh place for a $705,209 payday. Yang now has almost half the chips in play.
Tags: hat yang,   chip stack,   lee childs,   ruby red,   jerry yang,   prime position,   black hat,   contentment,   fists,   pumps,   crowd,   pot,   chips,   journey,   glasses,   cards