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Sam Greenwood Wins European Poker Tour Prague €25,000 Single-Day High Roller

The Canadian Pro Defeated A Field of 66 Entries To Win $427,314 USD


Sam Greenwood has won the second €25,000 buy-in single-day no-limit hold’em high roller event held at the 2019 European Poker Tour Prague festival. The Canadian poker pro secured $427,314 USD for the win, which was enough to see him surpass the $21 million mark in terms of his total career earnings. He now sits in 25th place on poker’s all-time money list as a result.

In addition to the money and the title, Greenwood was also awarded 504 Card Player Player of the Year points for the win. This was his third title and 12th final-table finish of the year. With more than $7.6 million in year-to-date earnings, Greenwood now sits in a tie for 19th place in the 2019 POY race standings, which are sponsored by Global Poker.

The top nine finishers made the money in this event, with Ole Schemion being eliminated on the bubble when his AClub SuitKClub Suit lost a race against the 10Spade Suit10Diamond Suit of Steve O’Dwyer. As a result, O’Dwyer took the lead into the final table. Sam Grafton was the next largest stack, with the top two combining for more than half of the total chips in play.

Joris Ruijs also lost a classic race situation when his A-K couldn’t outrun the pocket queens of Jans Arends. Ruijs earned $51,016 USD as the ninth-place finisher. Mustafa Jukovic was the next to go. He called all-in from the small blind facing a button shove from Grafton. Jukovic was ahead with KClub SuitQSpade Suit, but couldn’0t beat out the 7Spade Suit5Spade Suit of Grafton. The British poker pro flopped two pair and held from there to send Jukovic to the rail with $66,844 USD.

Matthias Eibinger got all-in with ADiamond Suit5Diamond Suit and managed to out flop the 7Spade Suit7Diamond Suit of Danny Tang, pairing his ace when the first three cards came down AHeart Suit6Spade Suit3Club Suit. Tang wasn;t behind for long, though, as the 7Club Suit turn gave him a set. The river kept Tang’s hand ahead and Eibinger was knocked out in seventh place ($86,192 USD).

George Wolff’s day came to an end in sixth place. Steve O’Dwyer shoved from the cutoff with 9Diamond Suit8Diamond Suit and Wolff called off his stack with AHeart SuitKSpade Suit on the button. O’Dwyer flopped top two pair and held from there. Wolff earned $109,058 USD for his deep run.

Greenwood earned his first knockout of the final table by taking down a huge three-way all-in, with his AClub SuitJClub Suit beating out the KDiamond SuitQDiamond Suit of Danny Tang and the AHeart Suit10Heart Suit of O’Dwyer. The board came down KClub Suit9Heart Suit9Club Suit4Diamond Suit10Club Suit and Greenwood rivered a flush to secure the pot. Tang was eliminated in fifth place ($140,715 USD).

Not long after that Greenwood picked up pocket tens and four-bet shoved over the top of Jans Arends’ three-bet. Arends called all-in with AHeart SuitKHeart Suit. Greenwood hit a set on the turn and kept his lead from there, sending Arends to the rail with $181,174 USD.

Sam Grafton picked up pocket sixes in the big blind and three-bet shoved over the top of Steve O’Dwyer’s button raise. O’Dwyer snap-called with pocket aces. The board improved neither player and Grafton was knocked out in third place ($240,104 USD).

With that O’Dwyer took 3,965,000 into heads-up play with Greenwood, who sat with 2,635,000. The two agreed to a deal based on chip equity that saw Greenwood lock up $427,314 USD while O’Dwyer secured $456,555. They agreed to flip for the title. Greenwood apparently made the nuts in the hand to secure the victory and bring the tournament to a close.

Here is a look at the payouts and POY points awarded at the final table:

Place Player Payout POY Points
1 Sam Greenwood $427,314 504
2 Steve O’Dwyer $456,555 420
3 Sam Grafton $240,104 336
4 Jans Arends $181,174 252
5 Danny Tang $140,715 210
6 George Wolff $109,058 168
7 Matthias Eibinger $86,192 126
8 Mustafa Jukovic $66,844 84
9 Joris Ruijs $51,016 42

Winner photo credit: Danny Maxwell / Rational Intellectual Holdings Limited.