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Phillip Hilm Eliminated Ninth

He Takes Home $525,934

Phillip Hilm and Jerry Yang had clashed a few times in the main event but this battle woud be their last. On a board of K J 5 2, Jerry Yang bet $4 million and Hilm moved all in. Yang made the call and flipped over A K. Hilm showed 8 5 and the crowd reacted with a mix of glee, disappointment from the Denmark contingent, and excitement. The river brought the 6and Hilm was eliminated in ninth place. He played an aggressive game early, but Yang was just as aggressive, and the Scandinavian player went from the largest chip stack at the start of the day to the first player to be eliminated. He will take home $525,934 in prize money as a consolation, though. Yang is now the overwhelming chip leader, holding a third of the chips in play with over $44 million.