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WSOP Day 42: European News Roundup

Bubble Burst at World Series of Poker Main Event; Italian is Chip Leader.

Day 42 at the 38th World Series of Poker saw the bubble burst and 621 players make the money. For some, it was a walk in the park, but for others it was agony.

Englishman Julian Gardner was one who sailed comfortably past the bubble. 'I have $420,000 in chips,' he said minutes after the bubble was breached. 'There is only really one short stack at the table and he has $100,000. I raised one pot with 5-2 and hit two pair on the flop,' he grinned.

He was, however, dismayed to hear his friend and former main event finalist Scott Gray hadn't made the cut. Scott went out in a disappointing 627th place, six before the money.

Popular Irishman Sylvester Geoghegan has been enjoying the day much more than yesterday. 'I'm just delighted to be here,' he said as he returned from dinner break. 'It's my first time at the Series and to go deep in the Omaha world championship and be sitting on $300,000 in chips now is brilliant. Yesterday I had a very tough table and with the adrenaline and everything, I couldn't even eat. Today is much easier. I have a great table and am not afraid of anyone so hopefully I can make some more money tonight.'

Another Englishman who was enjoying the ride was Neil 'Bad Beat' Channing. 'I came back from dinner break and the very first hand I picked up aces,' he beamed. 'I got a full double-through of about $180,000 plus the blinds and antes. The other guy had A-K. I won the next hand too and was up to about $410,000 but got a rush of blood to the head and am back to about $360,000 now. Back down to earth.'

Italian Dario Minieri is leading the pack going into day four with $2.4 million in chips.

Others who have made the cash are Thor Hansen, Jac Arama, Alex Kravchenko, Lars Bonding, Sverre Sundbo, Andreas Krause, Adam Noone, Willie Tann, Conor Tate, Bruno Fitoussi, Gus Hansen, Donnacha O'Dea, Rolf Slotboom, John Duthie, Neil Channing, Sam Ditson, David Wells, Lloyd Rees, and Lewis Pilkington.

Europeans going into day 4 include Arama, Kravchenko, Bonding, Gardner, Geohegan, Sundbo, Krause, Noone, Tann, Tate, Hansen, O'Dea, Channing ,and Wells.

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