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Day 2b Recap: The Pros Aren't Dead Yet

Forrest, Hansen, Mizzi got Plenty of Chips


Much of the talk about the main event of the 2007 World Series of Poker revolves around the probability of a pro taking down the tournament. Skeptics claim the field is riddled with amateurs acting as human landmines, and every name player is just one perilous step away from being blown out of the tournament. Statistically it is true; there will be plenty of pros who will get their money in with the best hand only to be outdrawn. However, as the field has narrowed, the play has improved. The professional players have hit their groove. Instinct and experience further the edge over skilled but unproven opponents. Whether it be a World Poker Tour final table or a World Championship of Online Poker bracelet, the experience gained proves an advantage that no statistician can quantify. This phenomenon was played out on day 2b of the main event.

Gus Hansen ($530,000), Bill Edler. ($510,000) Sorel Mizzi ($410,000), Carlos Mortensen ($260,000), Chip Jett ($260,000), Darrell Dicken ($250,000), Ted Forrest ($255,000), and J.C. Tran ($212,000) are just a few of the names who have survived the day. Some were on cruise control, while others had to use their skill to grind out a berth int the third day. Hansen was able to thrive, despite a table draw that saw him seated with Mizzi and PokerStars supernova player Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan. Hansen and Mizzi pulled no punches on each other and in one hand it seemed that they were playing a game of chicken.

On a flop of K 7 4, Hansen bet $7,600 and Mizzi raised to $17,600. After a few minutes thought ,Hansen called the $10,000. The turn brought the 4. Hansen checked and Mizzi fired again, this time for $27,200. Hansen went into the tank for a while, in deep concentration. He was an interesting sight, with meticulously stacked rows of multicolored chips flanked by his car keys, an iPod, and a Dictaphone. He eventually made the call and the 2 fell on the river. Hansen pondered, then checked to Mizzi who quickly checked behind. Hansen rolled over K J for top pair, and Mizzi mucked his hand. Despite the minor setback, Mizzi was still in command of a large stack and rolled into day three. He will be joined by World Poker Tour and WSOP main event champion Carlos Mortensen.

Carlos "The Matador" Mortensen also used aggression to ensure a third day of play. He limped under the gun, followed by the cutoff, the button, and the small blind. The big blind raised $3,000, and not a single player folded. The cards fell A 8 Q, and the small blind led for $6,000. The big blind folded, and Mortensen raised to $15,000. The small blind was the only caller to see the 2 fall on the turn. He checked and Mortensen wagered another $15,000. The small blind called and the river brought the 6. The small blind again decided to check, and Mortensen clearly thought about firing a third bullet. He must have decided that discretion was the better part of valor, because he merely tapped the table for the free showdown. The small blind showed A J, but Mortensen tabled Q 8 and his two pair was good for the pot.

Ted Forrest also made it to day three, but not before encountering some interesting behavior. On a board of A 5 3 J, a player in early position checked. Forrest bet $11,000 and was promptly reraised to $31,500. Forrest thought for a minute before calling. The 2 fell on the river and the early-position player quickly went all in, putting Forrest to a decision for his tournament life. Seconds after shoving his chips, the player took a few steps back from the table, turned, and lowered himself to the floor. Forrest stood up in attempt to look at his opponent, but could only see the opposition's feet protruding from under the table. After a couple of minutes of intense consideration, Forrest decided it was time to fold.

Forrest will be among the 459 players that will return tomorrow for the first day of combined play. His flight will meet the 349 from day 2A, and the final 808 will fight to make the money. The payouts begin at place 621, earning those eliminated at least a $20,320 payday. Don't expect to see any smiling faces from pros who are eliminated, even if they take down a nice payout. For the true professional there is only one place that matters, first.



almost 14 years ago

"Whether it be a WPT final table or a World Championship of Online Poker bracelet, the experience gained proves an advantage that no statistician can quantify."
What an absolute insult to people who have made a WPT final table considering a 7 year old could win a "World Championship" of Online Poker bracelet. Come on, Card Player, you're better than that...


almost 14 years ago

Its pretty clear is was talking about going deep in tournaments with large prize pools. He wasn't saying that the two are equal, just providing a frame of reference for both live and online play.


almost 14 years ago

Payout Proposal for future WSOP M.E. (#621 $20,000+ and #622 $0; that's harsh!!!) How about:
630: $2000
629: $4000
628: $6000
627: $8000
626: $10000
625: $12000
624: $14000
623: $16000
622: $18000
and all the rest. Now that's "PLAYER FRIENDLY". You would eliminate nearly all the the "bubble" problems that occur in every tourney, 9 more people would have $$$ to infuse into the cash games or other tourneys (ie: the poker community) and you could take the $$$ out of 1st place so the winner would only get like $8.17M instead of $8.25M. mmmm poor baby. lol. thanx for reading, seamarfan269