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WSOP 2007: Doug Lee

Single Table Superstar


We caught up with Doug Lee last week while he waited for a $550 single-table satellite to begin.

Card Player: How has the Series been for you so far?

Doug Lee: The Series has been rough for me so far. I bubbled in a couple of TV events; I have only played in five TV events so far. But I am doing well in the single-table satellites. I have cashed in 33 out of 34, so I have been running well in single-table satellites but not in the big TV events but I always cash in one event each year and hopefully it's the main event.

CP: What have you liked about the Series this year and what needs improvement for next year?

DL: The satellite system is a little rough. They need to be more efficient getting them under way. They are short of cashiers, so there are big delays both getting started and getting paid. As opposed to last year when they ran much better.

Now this year they have doubled the chips in the main tournaments, which is pretty good. Twenty thousand in the main event is a good improvement.

CP: So you will play the main event and probably some more satellites.

DL: Oh sure. I am on a roll with this and making some good money. And hopefully the main event will be the one that does it for me this year. I hope to have a good run.

[Lee did cash in that satellite, making it 34 out of 35 but he did not survive day one of the main event.]