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WATCH: Man Disqualified From World Series Of Poker Main Event After Pulling His Pants Down, Throwing Shoe On Table

Second Player Disqualified For Taking His Neighbor's Chips


The World Series of Poker main event saw its final starting flight take off on Friday with day 1C, but a pair of poker players in the $10,000 buy-in event won’t be advancing, despite the fact that neither were ever knocked out of the tournament.

One player was disqualified in one of the most egregious breaches of etiquette seen at the poker tables in quite some time… and it was all caught on camera.

The player, decked out in Pittsburgh Pirates gear, decided to go all in without looking at his cards. With the table staring at him in disbelief, he then flipped over his cards to prove he hadn’t looked, exposing Q-3 offsuit.

The action then fell on another player, who had to decide whether or not to call off a big portion of his stack with pocket fives. The all-in player then proceeded to turn around from his table and pull his pants down, mooning his opponents while simultaneously exposing his genitals to the adjacent tables.

He then finished his performance by removing his shoes and socks, before tossing a sneaker on the table towards the dealer and walking away.

The player eventually made the call, but suffered a bit of a bad beat to lose the pot. The shoeless man may have doubled up in the hand, but it ultimately didn’t matter when he was removed from the tournament.

Check out the video of the incident below, courtesy of Dean Blatt.

Warning: This video is NOT SAFE FOR WORK (and a little gross).

You can watch a nudity-free version of just the shoe throw below, courtesy of Ian Chan.

EDIT: Story Update

The naked man decided to take his antics to the Luxor, where he was arrested after climbing on top of a craps table, leading a cheer, and once again showing his bits to the crowd.

Check out the NSFW video, courtesy of Jeremy Brown.

Fortunately for the now jailed-man, later identified as Pittsburgh sports super fan Ken Strauss, he was able to score a picture with Daniel Negreanu before he was incarcerated.

Incredibly, this wasn’t the only player disqualified from the main event on day 1c. Apparently, an inebriated poker player named Georgii Belianin thought it would be funny to scoop up his neighbor’s entire stack while dragging a small pot.

Belianin, who opponents said smelled of alcohol, didn’t think it was so funny a bit later when WSOP Tournament Director Jack Effel escorted him out of the tournament area.