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WSOP 2007: Andrew Black

When All About You are Losing Their Heads


Card Player: The World Series so far for you, how has it been?

Andrew Black: I played pretty badly most of the time, actually. I was doing pretty well in the Omahas near the beginning. I played pretty well, but even in them I made mistakes. My head hasn't been quite right, so mostly I have played fairly badly. And then recently when I started playing well, I started getting unlucky. But I feel that is just payback for having played so badly in the first place. So I don't feel like I've been unjustly treated. I feel I have been getting my just deserts. Even though I have had some real cruel ones in the last few tournaments.

Then I got angry at someone the other day, I nearly… well no I didn't really nearly whack him but I was pretty angry. The more I have reflected on that over the last few days, I kind of thought, that's not me; that would be a sign that I am not being as I usually am. One wonders how much of it is them and how much is me. Either way, I don't think I have any excuses. If I get that angry, regardless of the provocation, it's just not something I want to do again.

It is difficult to keep your center here in this space. I find it very difficult. It's just such a whirl of activity. It's quite difficult to keep your higher qualities in view. So I'm hoping even though it's coming up to the end that I act a little better and hopefully play a bit better and get really lucky as well! That would be great. Yes, that is the plan!

[Andrew played day 1A of the main event and for a time was the chip leader; he did eventually run into aces and when out late in the evening.]



almost 12 years ago

Once again cardplayer looks like the fool. "[Andrew played Day 1A of the Main Event and for a time was the chip leader; he did eventually run into Aces and WHEN out late in the evening.]"

When are you going to hire an editor?? Truthfully, your reporters should double check their work and then check it again. You will never be respected until you respect your work.