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WATCH: Footage Of NFL Player Arrested In Casino

Adam 'Pacman' Jones Hopes Footage Shot By His Wife In Back Hallway Of Casino Will Prove Innocence


TMZ Sports released a video this morning that captured the moments after NFL player Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones was taken into custody by police at Rising Star Casino in Indiana.

Jones was suspected of cheating at a table game when he was confronted by gaming officials. He was arrested for disorderly conduct, public intoxication, intimidation and resisting arrest, but Jones hopes that the video shot by his wife in the back hallways of the casino will show that he was under control.

“Adam was very controlled,” Jones’ agent Peter Schaffer told TMZ. “WE think authorities overreacted. They love the attention … Adam showed great restraint.”

Jones wasn’t physically aggressive in any way, which would have been difficult since he was already handcuffed in the video, but did use profanity while yelling at officers. Jones and his wife defend the actions in the video by telling officers they have ‘freedom of speech’

According to the report from TMZ, Jones was allegedly adding chips to his stack after he knew the outcome of the game. In the video, both Jones and his wife clearly deny the allegations.

Jones is pleading not guilty to all eight charges against him and is planning on fighting the case.