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Poker Strategy Video: Watch WSOP Winner Ryan Laplante Talk About Overbetting The River

Card Player Columnist Gives Advice About When To Bet More Than The Size of the Pot After Fifth Street


Ryan LaplanteOverbetting the river has become a popular move on the high-stakes poker tournament scene. Making a bet of larger than the pot size can put your opponent in a tough spot with no cards left to come.

Card Player TV recently caught up with Card Player columnist, Chip Leader Coaching team pro and World Series of Poker bracelet winner Ryan Laplante at the 2019 U.S. Poker Open to discuss when the river overbet.

“When I’m looking to overbet someone, I’m not looking for a specific hand or a specific board to do it,” said Laplante to start off his discussion of the topic. “I’m more focused on what their range looks like. What I’m trying to look for is when [your opponent] has a fairly weak and capped range. That is when you are going to really want to hammer those overbets.”

In the video interview, Laplante first discusses how to go about deciding to when to use a large ‘overbet’ sizing on river bluffs. He then goes on to describe when you might decide to overbet the river for value.

“Anything that is at the top of your range, it doesn’t really matter,” said Laplante. “What does matter is, that when you get to that situation and are thinking about building that range, you need to be pretty well balanced against your bluffs.”

“When I’m choosing that sizing, it is far more important to make sure I’m using enough of my value range to protect my few bluffs,” continued Laplante.

The final section of the video is concerned with what you should consider when facing a river overbet.

“When I’m facing [a river overbet], that is where my hand combos matter significantly. When I make it to the river with a fairly weak and capped range, I am focusing on what kind of combos of hands do I have that are best to call with based on whether or not I block reasonable bluff combos.”

Laplante goes on to further analyze why certain cards in your hand could either block or unblock your opponent’s best bluff candidates. You can check out the entire video with Laplante below:

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