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Frankie O'Dell Wins Event No. 44

O'Dell Wins $2,000 Omaha Eight-or-Better

This year's World Series of Poker has been a godsend for the serious all-around poker player. The oft joked "World Series of hold'em" is a thing of the past, and mixed game specialists have taken advantage to get a shot at a bracelet. No other game has grown over the past year like Omaha eight-or-better. This year, nine events feature the game and the fields have seen tremendous growth. It's clear, Omaha eight-or-better is quickly becoming the most popular alternative to Texas hold'em.

Frankie O'Dell is happy to see the change. O'Dell outlasted eight top pros to win his second bracelet and the top prize of $240,057 in event No. 44, the $2,000 Omaha eight-or-better. His first bracelet came at the 2003 WSOP when he won the $1,500 Omaha eight-or-better event. This win puts O'Dell over the $1.5 million mark in lifetime earnings and vaults him into an elite class of professionals.

On the final hand, Thang Luu moved all in preflop and O'Dell made the call. Luu showed J 105 4 while O'Dell turned up Q 9 3 2. The board came Q 9 6 J A, giving O'Dell two pair to take home the title.

Coming into Friday's final table, the chip counts were as follows: Marcel Luske ($427,000), Ming Lee ($373,000), O'Dell ($318,000), Martin "Dick" Corpuz ($292,000), Jess Robinson ($255,000), Thang Luu ($238,000), Marvin Ryan ($104,000), Mitch Maples ($70,000), and Stuart "thedonator" Paterson ($61,000).

Luske and Paterson, the two most recognizable faces at the table, butted heads early on. In one hand, the flop came J 8 2 . Patterson bet and Luske raised. Paterson put the last of his chips in with A A 8 6 and Luske showed down K 10 7 6. The turn and river brought the Q and A. That eliminated Paterson in eighth place and he took home $20,409 in prize money.

Luske was unable to capitalize on his early chip lead and went out fourth. On a flop of A K 3, Luske moved in and Thang Luu made the call. Luske turned up 10 10 7 6, while Luu flipped over A Q 6 2. The turn and river cards were dealt 3 6 and were no help to "The Flying Dutchman," who walked away with $64,630.

Here are the final results:

1. Frankie O'Dell - $240,057
2. Thang Luu - $147,726
3. Martin Corpuz - $97,188
4. Marcel Luske - $64,630
5. Marvin Ryan - $47,136
6. Jess Robinson - $36,931
7. Ming Lee - $27,699
8. Stuart "thedonator" Paterson - $20,409
9. Mitch Maples - $14,578