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Ernest Bennett Wins the WSOP Seniors Event

Bennett Takes Home the Bracelet for the $1,000 Seniors No-Limit Hold'em World Championship


The final nine players in the $1,000 seniors no-limit hold'em event took their seats yesterday at 2 p.m. and action got underway. Lost along the way were two world champions. Amarillo Slim Preston started strong on day one of the event, but he could not go the distance to the final table. Tom McEvoy made a late push in the tournament as well, but he was busted by a one-outer. Nonetheless, nine talented players of the senior circuit had proven their worth, and would now battle for a gold bracelet.

Charles Anderson was the first to go when he moved all in under the gun with pocket queens. Tony Korfman called him with A K and he spiked a king to eliminate Anderson in ninth place. Ray Abels was now running low on chips and moved all in for $144,000. Ernest Bennett made the call and his pocket sevens held up against Abels' A-Q. Abels was eliminated in eighth place.

Jack Deutsch was the next to go, in seventh place. He moved all in for his last $113,000 and Ed Smith called with the A 9. Deutsch was dominated when he turned over K 9. The board rolled out 10 8 3 5 7 and Deutsch finished in seventh place.

Next, the bluff of the tournament transpired. Korfman raised to $60,000 and Thomas Catanzaro made the call. The flop was dealt K 4 3 and Catanzaro led out for $50,000. Korfman moved all in for an additional $65,000 and Catanzaro chose to lay his hand down. Korfman then flipped over J-9 to reveal that he had fibbed.

There were now six players remaining and Bennett raised to $100,000. Leon Lewis moved all in for $170,000 and Bennett called him down. He turned up A 6and Lewis revealed K J. The board was rolled out A Q 6 3 5 and Lewis fell in sixth place. Bennett now held a massive chip lead with $1.35 million. Thomas Catanzaro was the next to make his exit when Korfman knocked him out in fifth place.

Korfman continued to roll when he doubled up through Ed Smith. Smith moved all in a few hands later for $420,000. Bennett quickly called with A K. Smith flipped over J 10 and the board was dealt Q 9 3 A 4. Smith was eliminated in fourth place and the tournament was down to a final trio. Bennett continued his tear and eliminated Rod Clarida in third place. It would be the final elimination of the day.

Action was paused between the two players, and they chose to make a deal to determine the heads-up battle. Bennett was declared the winner, which was befitting his chip lead, and Korfman was declared the runner-up. Bennett took home the gold bracelet, and the two players split the first and second-place prize money for undisclosed sums amongst themselves.



14 years ago

I was glad to see Amarillo Slim again he has always been my favorite player. I also noticed he has a new website and has written an E-Book