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Nevada Casinos Win $933M From Gamblers

Casinos Still Slowing Clawing Back From Great Recession


Nevada’s casino industry won $933 million from gamblers in June, according to state figures released last week.

The revenue was up 4.1 percent compared to June 2017. Over the three months prior to July 1, 2018, the casinos took in $2.93 billion from bettors, up 5.6 percent year-over-year. Over the prior 12 months, there was $11.81 billion in gambling win, up 3.2 percent compared to the prior comparable period.

The Silver State report included data from about 450 casinos.

Here’s a look at individual game over the recently completed 12-month period:

Poker — $120 million (up 2.1 percent)
Sports betting — $281.6 million (up 23.1 percent)
Baccarat — $1.25 billion (up 2.9 percent)
Blackjack — $1.17 billion (down 2.5 percent)
Craps — $395.8 million (up 4.3 percent)
Roulette — $381.2 million (up 4.8 percent)
Bingo — $17 million (up 94.2 percent)
Penny slots — $3.25 billion (up 4.8 percent)

For a calendar year, the record for Nevada gaming revenue was set in 2007 at $12.84 billion. The casinos reported winnings of $11.57 billion in 2017, up 2.8 percent over 2016 and the best result for the industry since 2008 when the Great Recession hit.