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Poker Lobbying Group Rebrands, Finds New Backer

PPA Becomes 'Poker Alliance'


The grassroots lobbying group called the Poker Players Alliance has rebranded, according to a press release issued Wednesday.

The revamped group will be called simply, Poker Alliance, and it will be led by government relations executive Mark Brenner, according to the news release. According to several media reports, Brenner is one of the men behind the online streaming platform Poker Central. According to the Poker Alliance’s website, “funding will come from industry participants, including Poker Central, as one of many businesses, resorts, hotels, casinos, gaming applications or platforms, etc.”

Per the press release, the new advocacy group will be a “dedicated voice for the millions of Americans who support expanding the sporting world of poker.” The group referenced last month’s Supreme Court ruling regarding sports betting as creating new opportunities for one of America’s favorite pastimes.

“The sport of poker is ready for a new kind of activism,” the group said.

“As gaming culture and the laws around it have shifted, so too has our focus,” said Brenner. “Poker players deserve to be able to play poker with confidence and safety, and we will expand the PPA’s incredible effort by strategically advocating for our members.”

The PPA was started in 2005.