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WATCH: Dan Bilzerian Gets Felted In $1-$2 Poker Cash Game With Seven-Deuce

Social Media Personality Plays Fast And Loose In Game

Print-icon ImagesEarlier this month, high-stakes poker player and polarizing Instagram celebrity Dan Bilzerian reportedly threw a party at a $100 million mansion in Los Angeles, but this past weekend he was spotted playing $1-$2 no-limit hold’em at a casino in Las Vegas.

Poker vlogger Brad Owen captured some video footage of the session, which included a hand in which Bilzerian moved all in with 7-2 off suit on a board reading 6-3-2-5. Owen called Bilzerian’s all-in bet of $150 with 7-5 and won the hand. There was another hand in which Bilzerian moved all in preflop for $280 without looking at this cards. He lost and then shortly thereafter left the poker room with model Sofia Bevarly, who was also in the poker game.

According to Owen, the poker game broke after Bilzerian left.

Bilzerian, who claims a net worth of $100 million, said last year that he once had $18 million on the table in a high-stakes poker game against a billionaire.

“For me, I just let people talk sh-t about my poker, and that I was bad and that I had a trust fund," he told In Depth with Graham Bensinger in defense of his card skills.

Check out the Owen’s vlog to get a glimpse of some of Bilzerian’s $1-$2 hands.