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Poker Cash Game: Man Bets $10,300 Into $900 Pot On Bluff, Loses And Tries To Take Back Bet

Floor Rules That Player Gets To Decide Fate Of Opponent


It’s impossible to rank what are known as “angles” in the game of poker in terms of egregiousness, but this one in a Los Angeles cash game last week is definitely among the worst ever recorded.

At the Bicycle Casino, a player by the name of “Armenian Mike” bet $10,300 on the river into a $900 pot with just ace-high and a pair on the board, and he was instantly called by poker pro Ryan Feldman with a full house. Mike then tried to take his wager back and claimed his bet was a joke. Chaos then ensued.

Take a look at the hand, captured by a poker pro who wasn’t sitting in the game but watched the hand on the “Live at the Bike” stream. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

The floor eventually ruled that the bet had to stand, but the decision was on Feldman to hold his opponent to the play or let him off the hook.

Feldman ended up taking Mike’s chips.



almost 3 years ago

Sorry not the time to be screwing around, anyhow I do think that the dealer should have announced if he was all in or not. My opinion