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Poker Player Runs Crazy All-In Bluff With 7-2 At Final Table Of High-Stakes Tournament

Krisztian Gyorgyi Plays Worst Starting Hand For All His Chips


“This is more than balls,” poker great Patrik Antonius said. “This is a little bit crazy too.”

Antonius made the comments during the unofficial final table of a €5,300 buy-in no-limit hold’em event at the 2018 EPT Monte Carlo, which crowned a winner on Friday. Antonius was among the nine players left when PokerStars online qualifier Krisztian Gyorgyi ran one of the most brazen bluffs you’ll ever see deep in a major poker tournament.

The next player eliminated was slated to collect $64,800, while the top prize sitting at the end of the tournament road was $854,400. Gyorgyi didn’t care, and what he did made for some great TV. He had invested only a handful of Euros into his tournament run.

The hand began with Tomas Jozonis raising to 125,000 chips from the cutoff position with the ADiamond SuitKSpade Suit. Gyorgyi, a 26-year-old Hungarian, three-bet to 360,000 from the small blind with the 7Club Suit2Spade Suit. That’s the worst starting hand in poker. Antonius mucked from the big blind.

Jozonis was the bigger stack with just under three million in chips, while Gyorgyi had just over two million left in his stack after the three-bet.

It was back to Jozonis. He just called rather than four-bet.

The flop fell QDiamond Suit10Diamond Suit9Diamond Suit, and Gyorgyi bet 500,000 into a pot worth 840,000. Jozonis called with his nut-flush draw and gut-shot straight draw.

The turn brought the 4Club Suit, which didn’t change anything. Gyorgyi went all in for about 1.5 million into a pot worth just north of 1.8 million, so close to a pot-sized bet. He had just seven-high with no draw. He probably thought he was drawing dead, but he did have outs to make a winning pair of sevens or deuces to out draw Jozonis if he called.

Jozonis went into the tank, contemplating calling the 1.52 million when the pot stood at 3.36 million. Jozonis eventually folded, and Gyorgyi tabled his cards and started celebrating. He gave some fist bumps to his tablemates, and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Check out the video below, courtesy of PokerStars.