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2018 Card Player Poker Tour Ocean's 11: Recap of Flights 1A and 1B

243 Entries Have Already Been Made With Four Starting Flights and Day 2 Direct Entry Still Available


The first day of the April running of the 2018 Card Player Poker Tour Ocean’s 11 San Diego Classic is now in the books! This marks the sixth time that the CPPT has made it’s way to beautiful Oceanside, California to for this $250 buy-in main event. The tournament will once again feature six starting flights spread out over three days (Apr. 26-29). Though the event again features a $150,000 estimated prize pool this year, the event has previously drawn as many as 920 entries to create a prize pool of nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

This year’s event kicked off on Thursday, Apr. 26, with the first two starting flights of six getting underway. Flight 1A drew 135 total entries while flight 1B attracted 108. With 243 total entries so far the prize pool has already grown to $48,600 with four starting flights yet to go. Players can also take advantage of the Quantum Tournament structure of this event and buy-in directly for $1,500 on Sunday, Apr. 29 for day 2 and receive 100,000 in tournament chips. Players can also pay a $30 optional staff add-on and receive another 20,000 in chips. Players will only be able to directly buy-in for day 2 up to the start of play at 1:00 p.m. local time.

From the 243 entries in flights 1A and 1B only 35 players survived from the two starting flights that ran today, with Richard Aronow in the lead with 249,300. Here is a look at the complete chip counts of those who have made their way to day 2:

Rank Player Chip Count
1 Richard Aronow 249,300
2 Hunter Miss 187,100
3 Roberto A.G. Tijuana 186,200
4 Amando Butalid 185,300
5 Joseph Brown 184,700
6 Carol Cianfarani 152,100
7 Jason Singleton 151,900
8 Alan Marks 143,500
9 Steve Firestone 137,300
10 Britton Scheibe 127,500
11 David Leese 122,000
12 Timothy Mahoney 113,500
13 Don Tilly 111,000
14 Eugene Goom 109,200
15 Scott Aulds 99,500
16 Afzal Atta 82,400
17 Alan Ho 81,900
18 Greg Baron 81,100
19 Bob Hoag 79,500
20 Seth Brown 73,700
21 Mark Walker 67,700
22 Dan Polerecky 66,700
23 Jon Gunter 66,000
24 Slava Fisher 65,400
25 Charles Lavin 58,900
26 Adam Martel 58,200
27 Rich Hendricks 55,200
28 Behzad Javadzadeh 53,400
29 Elizabeth Krok 51,000
30 Christine Blake 50,000
31 Alan Lujan 43,300
32 Kent Mclaren 40,000
33 William Santos 35,000
34 Amanda Canelakes 32,300
35 William Kelly 26,300

Ocean’s 11 is the only casino in Southern California located along the Pacific Ocean on the Interstate 5 freeway, less than a mile from some of the area’s most picturesque beaches.

The property also boasts 50 tables of the best poker and table games found anywhere in California with all the favorite poker games, including no-limit and limit hold’em, Omaha, Omaha eight-or-better, pot-limit Omaha, and crazy pineapple.

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