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Sally Anne Boyer Wins The WSOP Ladies Gold

Don't Call Her Anne Bonney; Call Her the 2007 Ladies Champion

The final nine were as follows when the nine ladies took their seats at the final table of the $1,000 no-limit hold'em ladies world championship: Frauke Ritter Von Sporschil ($525,000), Mindy Trinidad ($445,000), Vanessa Selbst ($355,000), Katja Thater ($340,000), Sally Boyer ($325,000), Anne Heft ($277,000), Kathy Gliva ($145,000), Randi Calabro ($110,000), and Julie Dang ($50,000).

Julie Dang, on the short stack, was the first to leave. This happened rather quickly, but the next elimination did not. Over the next hour and a half, play tightened up to a standstill. The women were hesitant, and the lack of aggression at the table was strikingly apparent. The lone professional player at the table, Katja Thater, quickly became the table captain. Only Vanessa Selbst tried to stand in her way, and for her troubles she was sent to the rail in eighth place. It was none other than Thater who did the deed. She held pocket sevens on a board full of blanks. Thater was then devastated on a hand right before the dinner break. She was knocked from first in chips to fifth in chips by the new chip leader, Sally Anne Boyer.

The players then went to dinner after a slow start. When they returned, the most talkative player at the table was the next to make her exit when Mindy Trinidad moved all in with 7 6. Randi Calabro quickly called with pocket jacks, which were good enough to win the pot. Frauke Ritter Von Sporschill, who may possess the toughest name to spell in World Series of Poker history, was out next in sixth place. Pocket jacks were once again the bearer of bad news, and this time they were held by Anne Heft. Heft also eliminated the next player, in fifth place. This was a shock to everyone watching because it was Thater, who picked the wrong time to make a strong move with A-10. Heft had her heftily dominated with A-Q and sent her packing.

Things were finally rolling now, and Kathleen Gliva was the next to hit the rail. Her all-in was called by Boyer, who flipped over pocket fours. Gilva turned over big slick, but received no help from the board. Randi Calabro is the complete opposite of event #18 winner, Saro Getzoyan. Calabro was fired from her job to play at the final table, while Getzoyan could not get on a plane fast enough to rush to back to his. Calabro won't have to work for a while though, considering she took home $106,177 for her third-place finish. Boyer was once again the grim reaper, and she was gaining momentum with every player she busted.

Action was now heads up, and here's how the stacks looked:

Anne Heft: $1.6 million
Sally Anne Boyer: $985,000

Boyer used her momentum to come from behind and even things up. The conclusion of play can be defined as an all-out, all-in push fest. It wouldn't last too long, though. Boyer moved all in and Heft made the call. Boyer flipped over K 2 and Heft showed down a dominant K 10. The flop was dealt 5 4 3, which gave things an interesting tilt, since Boyer now had a straight draw. The 8 was peeled off the deck on the turn. The river ran right through Heft when the final card was dealt 2. Boyer won the $1,000 no-limit hold'em ladies world championship and the gold bracelet. She also took home $262,077.


15 years ago

It amazed me how some of these players beat over 1200 women to get to Final Table.
Most were afraid to call or raise Selbst and Thater were the only one's KEEPING THE GAME GOING.
It's a shame to me that the other players thught it was a Home Game not the WSOP.
Maybe going out to watch the new Johnny Depp movie would have had more action.


15 years ago