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Andrew Wisdom Wins Card Player Poker Tour Bicycle Hotel and Casino Main Event

Wisdom Banks $165,025 For The Victory and a Card Player Magazine Cover


After five days of poker action the field of 550 players in the 2017 Card Player Poker Tour Bicycle Hotel & Casino main event was eventually whittled down to 23-year-old Andrew Wisdom, who earned the largest payday of his career by claiming the $165,025 first-place prize.

In addition to the hefty payday, Wisdom will also be featured on an upcoming cover of Card Player Magazine.

Wisdom, who is a poker enthusiast living in San Diego, started the tournament with a huge hero call against poker pro Upeshka De Silva on day 1, and he finished the tournament in similar fashion against poker pro Goswin Siemsen to earn the title.

Sporting more than a 2:1 chip lead heads-up, Wisdom limped the button and then called a raise to see a flop of QSpade Suit8Heart Suit4Club Suit. Wisdom called a bet on the flop, as well as a bet on the AClub Suit turn before Siemsen shoved the 3Diamond Suit on the river.

After going into the tank, Wisdom eventually found a call with just QDiamond Suit6Spade Suit. Siemsen could only show a busted straight draw with king high, and Wisdom raked in the final pot of the evening.

Second-Place Finisher Goswin Siemsen“I knew that Gos is a heads-up player and obviously very capable of bluffing in that spot, so when all of the straight and flush draws missed, I felt like he might try a bluff at that point. I just talked myself into going with it,” Wisdom said after the victory.

Although it was a big boost to his bankroll, Wisdom said he plans on taking it easy for a little while to enjoy his big win.

“These last few months have actually been pretty stressful for me, so I plan on taking a break and trying new things. I’ve been wanting to learn to surf for a while now, so maybe that’s what I’ll do for a bit.”

The main event was a success from start to finish, crushing the $400,000 guarantee en route to a $673,180 prize pool. Players had the option to buy-in for $1,100 on any of the three starting days, or enter day 2 directly with a Quantum buy-in of $4,300.

Notable poker pros who finished in the money included Jesse Yaginuma (70th), Jim Collopy (61st), Kevin Song (60th), Danny Nguyen (59th), Joe Serock (45th), Adam Geyer (38th), Matt McEwan (31st), Jake Balsiger (23rd), Ardavan Yazdi (21st), Jonathan Karamalikis (18th), Chris Klodnicki (17th), Men Nguyen (16th), Owen Crowe (12th), Adam Weinraub (7th) and Duey Duong (5th).

Here’s a look at the final table results.

Place Player Name Payout
1 Andrew Wisdom $165,025
2 Goswin Siemsen $93,705
3 Mike Yacoubian $54,445
4 Sang Lee $41,130
5 Duey Duong $31,075
6 Michael Ung $23,560
7 Adam Weinraub $18,355
8 Larry Quang $14,340
9 Chad Dorothy $11,000