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Dressed As Superman, Jonathan Dwek Tries To Have Fun Deep In World Series Of Poker Main Event

Canadian Wants To Lighten The Main Event Mood


Card Player’s 2017 WSOP coverage is sponsored by BetOnline Poker.

It’s no secret that poker can be a very enjoyable experience and keeping it that way is vital for its continued popularity. However, one of the men who was still alive in the 2017 WSOP main event late on day 6 on Sunday wanted to go the extra mile to make the game as fun as possible despite millions of dollars in prize money being on the line.

Jonathan Dwek, a 35-year-old business executive from Toronto, decided that he couldn’t ditch his Superman costume, which he had worn earlier in the event. For him it wasn’t about any superstition, but simply trying to have a good time. Why not? You spend $10,000 to play.

“I wore it on day 1 and I wore it on day 5, and I said let’s wear it again [today],” Dwek said. “People seem to like it. It’s a lot of fun. I’m going to keep it on just for jokes. People back home are following me and they are loving it. A random guy wearing a Superman suit is kind of funny. Now it’s like my schtick. It creates a positive atmosphere.”

Dwek’s attire will surely be humorous for those watching the TV coverage across the country, and he has considered playing the Superman theme song from his phone after a knockout or big hand, but he wanted to make sure he kept his gimmick respectful.

He’s not trying to tilt anyone, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing if it opened up someone’s game. “Earlier in the tournament I had a table that was just a bunch of guys who were grumpy, and it wasn’t a fun group,” Dwek said. “The mood seems to be lightened now. You know, you’re playing in a big event with a lot of money, but let’s enjoy it.”

Dwek, who has played the main event every year for nearly a decade and hadn’t cashed in the tournament until this year, thinks some subtle changes to poker can make it more social.

“Less headphones and less sunglasses,” he said. “Too many people take forever, and everyone is sitting there in silence for a long period of time. Poker should be fun. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about some amateur [players], but I think that’s what makes poker, all the different types of people who play the game. Everyone gets two cards, whether you are a little old lady or a strong, big guy. Anyone can win.”

Not everyone can win the main event this year, however. After day 6, there will be just 27 players in contention for poker’s most prestigious title and more than $8 million.

For more coverage from the summer series, visit the 2017 WSOP landing page complete with a full schedule, news, player interviews and event recaps.

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