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Poker Hand of the Week: Daniel Strelitz vs. Simeon Naydenov

Let Us Know How You Would Have Played The Hand


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Ask any group of poker players how you played your hand and they’ll come up with dozens of different opinions. That’s just the nature of the game.

Each week, Card Player will select a hand from the high-stakes, big buy-in poker world, break it down and show that there’s more than one way to get the job done.

The Hand

Heads-up for the L.A. Poker Classic main event title and holding a 2:1 chip lead, Daniel Strelitz raised to 260,000 on the button and Simeon Naydenov made the call from the big blind.

The flop fell QSpade Suit7Club Suit6Spade Suit and Naydenov checked. Strelitz made a continuation bet of 325,000 and Naydenov check-raised to 975,000. Strelitz called.

The turn was the 8Heart Suit and Naydenov checked. Strelitz bet 1,350,000 and Naydenov thought it over for about 30 seconds before check-raising all in for a total of 3,860,000.

Strelitz immediately called with 5Heart Suit4Spade Suit for a turned straight and Naydenov was drawing dead with KClub SuitQDiamond Suit for top pair. The inconsequential river card was the 4Diamond Suit and the pot went to Strelitz.

The Questions

What do you think of Strelitz’s opening raise? Should Naydenov have considered a three-bet? Do you like Strelitz’s continuation bet size with an open-ended straight draw? What about the size of Naydenov’s check-raise? What do you think of Naydenov’s double check-raise? Was he expecting Strelitz to check behind on the turn? Was he raising for value or to get his opponent to fold?

Daniel StrelitzThe Aftermath

Naydenov was eliminated in second place and pocketed $672,190. The trophy and the $1,001,110 first-place prize went to Strelitz. In total, the 27-year-old poker pro topped a field of 521 players to capture his first World Poker Tour title.

What would you have done and why? Let us know in the comments section below and try not to be results oriented. The best answer will receive a six-month Card Player magazine digital subscription.



4 years ago

Taodung will do the poker math according to taodung Ai poker calculator
Daniel has 35% ev and does a steal attempt with a raise of 260000
Giving Simeon pot odds of 35% Simeon calls (Flop pot size 740000 (small pot)
Daniel has 40% ev with two cards to come
Daniel c bets (semi buff) 325000 giving Simeon pot odds of 31%
Simeon checked raised to 975000 ( now a big pot) giving Daniel pot odds of 25% reward vs risk (40% vs 25% )(daniel must ask himself am I committed (that means willing to go all in)
Taodung Ai poker calculator says Daniel has only one play (and calling isn't it which is what he did)
Taodung Ai poker calculator says only play is to shove all in and put Simeon to the test
Game over


4 years ago

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