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High-Stakes Poker Player Wins Another MMA Fight

Terrence Chan Continues Quest To Make The UFC


terrencechanpoker.comHigh-stakes poker player Terrence Chan was the winner in a MMA fight two weekends ago in Manila, his sixth career fight on his way to hopefully one day making the UFC.

Chan, who weighed in at roughly 125 pounds, took “precisely zero damage” in his speedy victory, according to his blog that gave a recap of the fight. Chan said the fight was under the banner of the World Series of Fighting Global, which, according to him, is considered either the no. 2 or no. 3 MMA promotion after the UFC.

“Both mentally and physically, I don’t think I’ve ever felt this good,” Chan said of the moments leading up to stepping inside the cage. “Despite the late start, I was the perfect level of warmed up; not doing so much that I felt tired, but doing enough to feel loose and explosive.”

Chan was able to get his opponent to the ground in the first round after a short counter left hook caught his opponent off-balance. “Within the first ten seconds, I knew that I was safe inside his guard,” Chan said. “It is usually easy to tell right away when someone has a dangerous, tricky guard, and this wasn’t it. I knew at best he would have a good defensive guard, one where it would be perhaps to be difficult to pass or do damage.”

Ultimately, Chan was able to twist his opponent’s shoulder to the point where he tapped out.

“I got the grip, and I wrenched hard, as hard as I’ve ever pulled on anything in my life,” Chan said. “I committed to yanking on that thing until the ref pulled me off. Finally, the ref did pull me off, and my opponent grabbed his shoulder in pain.”

Despite his full-time MMA training, Chan competed last summer at the World Series of Poker. He’s still searching for his first bracelet, but he does have 30 cashes there lifetime.

“I don’t want to say it’s a failure if I don’t make the UFC,” Chan told Card Player. “Conversely, I don’t want to say I’m a success if I fight one time in the UFC. People dream about winning a WSOP bracelet, but it’s not the end goal, it’s part of the process…I think if you don’t have your eyes on [the UFC] you probably shouldn’t be competing in MMA.”