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Lance Armstrong Says He Will Help Dan Bilzerian Prepare For Biking Prop Bet

Armstrong Wants To Be Involved Despite Thinking Bet Will Be Easy


Disgraced former professional cyclist Lance Armstrong thinks Instagram celebrity and high-stakes poker player Dan Bilzerian can easily win a $1.2 million cycling prop bet and has even offered to help Bilzerian prepare for it.

The UFC’s Joe Rogan apparently is the man bringing Armstrong and Bilzerian together for the prepartion for the prop bet, which must be completed by the end of March. Last week it was revealed on social media that Bilzerian and fellow high-stakes poker player Bill Perkins, a hedge fund manager from Texas, agreed on a wager that calls for Bilzerian to ride a road bike from L.A. to Las Vegas within 48 hours. The distance is about 300 miles.

It’s unclear exactly what kind of assistance Armstrong will be providing to Bilzerian given that Armstrong thinks the ride is a piece of cake. The day prior, Armstrong Tweeted to Bilzerian, “no problem bro.”

Bilzerian later Tweeted that he shaved his legs “to make me faster.” He also posted a photo of the road bike he will be using for the bet. Bilzerian attached an extra layer of cushioning to the seat with masking tape.