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Bicycle Casino CEO Hashem Minaiy Excited To Unveil New Hotel To The Public

Three-Year Project Officially Opens Dec. 1, 2015


The Bicycle Casino, a staple of the Los Angeles poker scene since 1984, is all set to unveil the result of a project to turn the beloved card room into a full fledged casino resort on Dec. 1.

The Bike, as it is known to regulars, will officially be rebranded as the Bicycle Hotel & Casino with the addition of a $50 million seven-story luxury hotel. The 117,907 square-foot addition boasts 99 rooms, including 29 suites, as well as a multitude of amenities including the all-new Bike Brewery, full spa and elevated outdoor pool deck with private cabanas.

The 29 luxury suites will range from the Classic Suite (648 sq. ft.), the signature Bike Suite (904 sq. ft.), the Governor’s Suite (1,359 sq. ft.) and a Presidential Suite (2,007 sq. ft.). The Presidential Suit has two bedrooms, a formal living room and a Jacuzzi tub.

“I’ve been wanting to do this project for the last 12 years,” said Bicycle Hotel & Casino CEO Hashem Minaiy. “Finally, this dream is coming true. It was about three years ago that we got really serious about it. Our partners came along and were convinced that this project would make us a destination in Los Angeles. Then we got to work, hiring architects, contractors and filing for the permits. We broke ground in October of 2013. From the day that we put the shovel in the ground, I felt like a different man. I felt like I won the lottery.”

Built by R.D. Olson Construction and Lee & Sakahara Architects, and designed by Hager Design International, the hotel transforms the already massive 185-table gaming property into a space that caters to everyone.

“The players were constantly bringing it to our attention, saying how much they wanted a place to stay,” said Miniay. “The players really care about this property and have a strong passion for the Bicycle Hotel & Casino. They want their card room to be the best it can be. So their input really motivated me and my team to get the project going. I’m a poker player myself, so I really wanted to build a hotel for the comfort of our players. But my partner, Bob Carter, he took the vision of the hotel and expanded it so that with its guest rooms and amenities, it would appeal to business travelers and players alike. This is a hotel for everyone. Even if you aren’t a card player, there are plenty of reasons to stay here and come back.”

Bicycle Hotel & CasinoA floor design of overlapping circles, inspired by a bicycle wheel, winds its way to a variety of amenities, including dining, a coffee house, a gift shop, entry to the casino concourse and an Asia-theme VIP gaming area. The second floor has a state-of-the-art fitness center, the outdoor pool deck and the hotel spa and sauna. There is also 8,000 square-feet of multi-purpose event and private meeting space. The 28-screen Bike Brewery will feature 28 beers on tap, including two private labels exclusive to the Bicycle Hotel & Casino in the James Blonde Ale and the Golden Hand Hefeweizen.

“On the hotel side, we are going to have a VIP section called the Macau Room, which will be a ten-table, luxury room for baccarat and blackjack,” said Minaiy. “There will even be an exclusive area, within this room for high-stakes play. We’re not done either. We are going to start working on the casino floor as well. Not many people know this, but we’ve already started on remodeling an Asian Fusion restaurant called Phoenix. We’re hoping that its finished by mid-December.”

Despite the changes to the gaming space, Minaiy insists that poker, and poker tournaments specifically, will still be a focus of the Bicycle Hotel & Casino.

“Our poker tournaments are still going to be held downstairs on the first floor of the casino in the event center,” he said. “The Bicycle Hotel & Casino has always been known as one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to poker tournaments. These days, players have more choices than ever not only in Los Angeles, but nationwide, when it comes to tournaments, so we pride ourselves on being creative and offering the best structured events. Now with the hotel, we can do even more because the out-of-town players will have somewhere to stay. I also want to put in a VIP poker room with a huge bar for the players. Just like Bellagio has Bobby’s Room and just like Aria has Ivey’s Room, the Bicycle Casino is going to have its own room for the biggest games around.”

Not only is the Bike getting a face lift, but the surrounding community of Bell Gardens itself has seen a positive transformation in recent years.

“I really want to emphasize how much this project means to our community and to those who work at the Bicycle Hotel & Casino,” he explained. “This project isn’t just about making the Bike better, it’s about making Bell Gardens better as well. The city manager, council members and Mayor are just as passionate about the project as we are and it was a really good partnership. They understand what the hotel means to the community.”

Bicycle CEO Hashem Minaiy and California Gov. Jerry Brown At Ribbon Cutting CeremonyMinaiy knows that the new hotel and the upcoming enhancements to the gambling floor will make the Bicycle Hotel & Casino the envy of the Los Angeles gaming market, but he also knows that customer service is what really separates a property from the pack.

“We have the best, most friendly staff in the industry. They are original thinkers who will bend over backwards to serve our customers. I really encourage all people to come and see for themselves what the Bicycle Hotel & Casino is all about. I have no doubt that our staff will prove me right and deliver every time.”

For more information about the new Bicycle Hotel & Casino or to make reservations, visit the homepage.