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Joe McKeehen Leads Final Six In 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table

McKeehen Sits With Nearly Half Of The Chips In Play


The 2015 World Series of Poker main event final table got off to a fast start when Patrick Chan was eliminated on just the second hand of play, but the rest of the night was a slow grind full of tanking, intense staring and more tanking.

In the nearly six hours of ESPN coverage, just 72 total hands were dealt. Granted, much of that time was filled by commercial breaks, but it wasn’t uncommon to see hands take upwards of ten minutes. One hand between Neil Blumenfield, Ofer Svi Stern and Pierre Neuville lasted nine minutes, and it didn’t even reach the flop.

Joe McKeehenAfter Chan’s elimination in ninth place at the hands of chip leader Joe McKeehen, Federico Butteroni was the next to go. The Italian poker player came into the final table short stacked and really couldn’t do anything with McKeehen on his right.

It was 37 hands later when McKeehen scored his third knockout of the night, taking out Neuville despite being dominated. After the hand was over, the WSOP in conjuction with ESPN decided to pause play for the night and have the final six return the next day at 4:30 pm PT.

Going into Monday night’s action, Joe McKeehen will lead the way once again with 91,450,000. His five opponents, Blumenfield, Stern, Max Steinberg, Josh Beckley and Tom Cannuli, only have a combined 101,200,000 between them, meaning McKeehen has more than 47 percent of the chips in play.

Here is a look at the final six chip counts.

Player Chip Count
Joe McKeehen 91,450,000
Ofer Zvi Stern 32,400,000
Neil Blumenfield 31,500,000
Max Steinberg 16,000,000
Josh Beckley 10,875,000
Tom Cannuli 10,425,000

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6 years ago

If he stays in contention, Stern is going to singlehandedly kill TV poker with his slow play. I gave up watching about 10:30 pm PST while it was still 7 handed because I was bored to death. And I'm a guy who enjoys Norman Chad and thinks Antonio is a great addition with his commentary. It's not the announcer's fault, it is the slow play when decisions are nonexistent.


6 years ago

There were a few other guys tanking long as heck for no reason also. One guy was sitting with 9-2 off or something like that wich should've went straight to the muck, but instead he sits there staring at the raiser as if he's going to call. He finally mucked and still had two ppl to act.


6 years ago

I've never been in a poker hand that lasted 10 minutes. I didn't tune in to watch but sure as hell won't now. Sounds boring.


6 years ago

Just a bad story line - Stern is a weirdo, McKeehen is a jerk, Beckley & Cannuli are bores. Steinberg is a beast but has had no cards ( I hope he wins), Blumenfield is interesting and I hope he also makes it to the final 3. I would love to see McKeehen blow up and go out 4th or 5th - that would be fun to watch.