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Bellagio Craps Cheaters' Run Would Have Happened Legitimately One Time In 452 Billion Attempts

Casino Says Scheme Was Nearly Impossible To Have Been Legitimate


A pair of gamblers who have been accused of cheating the Bellagio out of $1 million playing craps defied odds of 452 billion-to-1, the casino’s parent company MGM Resorts International has determined, according to a report from the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Anthony G. Granito and Jeffrey D. Martin won a hop bet, which pays about 15-1, 19 times in 230 rolls in a single session, allegedly thanks to the help of two dealers, Mark M. Branco and James R. Cooper Jr. All have been arrested and charged.

The report said that Granito and Martin allegedly would make some real bets, “but mutter a hops wager as the dice were tossed and Cooper or Branco would pay them ‘as if they had bet on it.’”

The alleged cheating scheme actually happened between 2012 and 2014 and was discovered after another dealer alerted the casino about suspicious activity.

From the report:

Granito’s average bet was $4,400. He played 1,624 rounds and wagered $7.1 million. He would have been expected to lose $459,539. Instead, he won $498,500. Martin wagered $5.1 million over 2,295 rounds. Bellagio should have expected to come away with $252,490 of his money. Instead, he won $587,900. Overall, they would have been expected to lose $712,029…but they won a total of $1,086,400.

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