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Chef Pleads Guilty To Theft After Gambling Away $106,000 Bank Accidentally Gave Him

Gambling Addict Receives 'Community Detention' For Bank's Mistake


A chef in New Zealand has been sentenced to probation for gambling away $106,000 that a bank accidentally put into his account, according to

Despite the bank screwing up, he opted to plead guilty to stealing in order to get “community dentition.” He must also repay the money.

According to the report, he has managed to scrape together $2,250 over the past three months. At that rate, he will be in debt to the bank for the next 11 years. He has been ordered to pay back at least $150 a week.

Mehdi Soheili, 32, had more than $141,000 placed into his account in error by a bank teller in November 2013. He didn’t notify the bank. It took the bank a full eight days to notice what it had done. It then froze his account, but it was too late.

Unlike the defendant, the bank’s name was suppressed. It thus can’t be embarrassed.

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over 7 years ago

Why is the bank's name being suppressed after making the error? I don't think that is right. If I was that guy, I would make that a settlement issue. I pay you 30% of what was lost or your financial institution name is leaked to the press. Hahaha!!