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Win Over 60 Percent Of Your NFL Bets With Intuitor Sports

New Technology Utilizes Intuitive Rationality To Pick NFL Winners


Intuitor Sports, Inc has taken the sports betting world by storm with their revolutionary prediction technology that is churning out winners at an unprecedented rate of over 60 percent.

The Las Vegas-based company prides itself on a successful track record of turning gamblers who bet with their gut into sharps who use the Intuitor statistical model to find big edges each week in the National Football League.

A typical gambler bets with a natural bias based on short-term memory and human emotion. In order to stay balanced on both sides of the action, a sports book will often have to publish lines that make up for this skewed way of thinking. That’s when the Intuitor strikes.

“We were motivated by venture capitalists who knew the logical place for this technology was sports betting,” said Intuitor Sports CEO Richard Ziskind. “Betting lines are established by the nature of the way people see the game. A population like New York, for example, is going to have more influence on a line than a population like Green Bay. We look at aspects like these, remove them from the projections and determine the true line.”

The Intuitor, utilizing technology previously used on Wall Street and to detect epilepsy and earthquakes, measures and predicts human behavior. The system outperforms conventional statistical modeling techniques because it monitors multiple data streams, identifying relevant data while simultaneously throwing out any bias. If the Intuitor finds a discrepancy between the way a sports book has handicapped a game and the predicted outcome, site subscribers are notified with that week’s game picks.

“The technology is generic, meaning it does not change from one application to another,” said Intuitor Sports Chairman Grant Renier. “It does not know the difference between processing football information or market information or something else. The underlying science behind it is called intuitive rationality. It focuses on human behavior, both on the field and from the bettors themselves.”

For example, during week 4 of the 2014 season, Pittsburgh played at Tampa Bay and were favored by 7.5 points. At the time, the Steelers were 2-1 and were heavily favored by the public over the 0-3 Buccaneers. The Intuitor predicted that not only would Tampa Bay cover, but that they would win by 5.5 points. The final score of that game was 27-24, with Tampa Bay coming out on top.

The numbers don’t lie. For the past two NFL seasons, the Intuitor has a greater than 60 percent success rate. A player utilizing the Intuitor would have made $24,100 by betting $1,100 per pick.

“Our target demographic is the casual, feel-based player who is looking for an advantage,” said Barry Furman, Vice President of Sales. “I’ve become very popular with the valet guys, bus boys, and waiters at the local casinos because before we launched, I was giving these picks away for free. Everyone else is waiting in line, but I get quick service every time because of our winners.”

In late 2014, Intuitor Sports, which was recently heard about on CBS Sports Radio, will be providing in-game wagering spreads to a test group, helping the public take advantage of this popular betting option. For the time being, the Intuitor focuses exclusively on the NFL, but in the future, the technology will be used to predict outcomes for the NBA, MLB, NCAA Football and even fantasy sports.

Getting in on the action is simple. Savvy gamblers just need to visit and register. Sign up for the rest of the NFL season at a pro-rated cost, pay for a month of access for just $89 or try it out for a week for $29. It’s a small price to pay for proven winners.