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WATCH: Crazy $1M Poker Cash Game Hand

Paul Phua's Hand Gets Crushed By Lo Shing Fun's Straight


If you are a fan of insane cash game action, check out the hand above from the 2014 Aussie Millions Cash Game. The video coverage from the game was recently released.

In the hand, Paul Phua gets his set of tens cracked. His opponent, Lo Shing Fung, who happens to be eating during a nearly $1 million pot, decides to bet all-in for $471,000 into a pot of just $85,000. Lo, whether as a ploy to confuse his opponent or because he is actually having trouble reading his hand, reveals his hand by counting the cards needed for a straight.

Phua (who, by the way, is facing a federal indictment for illegal sports betting in Las Vegas) can’t get away from his set of tens and calls all-in. The straight ends up holding up and Lo raked in the massive pot. The gamblers elected to run it just once.

This hand is a good example of why the biggest cash games in the world are in Macau.

Phua is regarded as a solid poker player, just not among the best in the world. The wealthy businessman lost nearly $4.6 million online from May 2013 to May 2014.

He played under the Full Tilt screen name “MalACEsia.”



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