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2007 Aussie Millions Main Event - Day 4

Three FullTilt Pros Reach Aussie Millions Final Table; 19-Year-Old Qualifier Holds Chip Lead


Seven eliminations. That's all that separated the remaining 14 players from an appearance at the 2007 Aussie Millions main event final table.

The short-handed (two tables of five and one of four) play began at 11 a.m. with $12,000-$24,000 blinds and $4,000 antes. Chip counts for the field of 14 were as follows:

1. Jimmy "Gobboboy" Fricke - $2,664,000
2. Gus Hansen - $1,861,000
3. Andrew Black - $1,759,000
4. Patrik Antonius - $1,637,000
5. Marc Karam - $1,249,000
6. Julius Colman - $1,018,000
7. Hans Vogl - $849,000
8. Jonas Buskas - $819,000
9. Kristy Gazes - $713,000
10. Paul Wasicka - $560,000
11. Patrick Fletcher - $467,000
12. Jakob Glassi - $464,000
13. Dennis Huntly - $449,000
14. Curly Seal - $434,000

The wait for the day's first elimination lasted exactly one hand. Andrew Black called Patrick Fletcher's all-in raise on a Qclub 10heart 4heart flop. Black's Kheart 9heart gave him a straight and flush draw against Fletcher's Qdiamond 10club two pair. The 2heart turn completed the heart flush and the 2diamond river made Fletcher the 14th place finisher ($90,000).

A battle of two international poker stars produced one of the day's biggest pots, and the second elimination, as Gus Hansen squared off against Patrik Antonius. Hansen bet $500,000 into the Aspade Jheart 9heart flop, and made a quick call when Antonius immediately pushed all in. Antonius, who fought back from a $2,000 short stack on day 2, found his tournament life in jeopardy as he turned over the Aheart 8heart and Hansen showed the Jspade Jclub. No help came on the Qclub turn or 8spade river, and Antonius exited the Aussie Millions tournament in 13th place ($90,000). As for Hansen, the win pushed his chip stack in excess of $3 million.

On the next hand, Paul Wasicka moved all in on top of a Jimmy Fricke $75,000 raise. After a call, Wasicka flipped over Aclub 10diamond, and Fricke turned up Kdiamond Jspade. Fricke paired his king on the Kheart 9spade 4heart 6spade 3diamond board, and he sent Wasicka, the runner-up finisher at the 2006 World Series main event, home in 12th place ($120,000).

The two-table redraw proved to be a good/bad change for Jonas Buskas. A Full Tilt online qualifier, Buskas lost two big pots to Kristy Gazes (a Full Tilt pro) in early play. While the redraw allowed him to avoid any future run-ins with Gazes (until the final table, of course), the new seat also put him in the predicament of being all in with A-Q against A-K. Pushing over the top of two raises, Buskas found his Adiamond Qdiamond dominated against Julius Colman and his Aheart Kdiamond. No miracle queens or diamond flushes came on the board, and Buskas dropped out as the 11th-place finisher ($120,000).

Andrew Black notched his second elimination of the day, when, after making a $75,000 raise, he called Emanuel "Curly" Seal's all-in repop. His Aspade Jclub made Black a huge favorite over Seal's Qdiamond Jspade, and the Aclub Qclub 4club 10spade 3diamond board gave Black the hand-winning top pair. Meanwhile, Seal finished the 2007 Aussie Millions in 10th place ($120,000).

The short stack in the remaining field, Dennis Huntly moved all in preflop with Jdiamond 10club, only to have Marc Karam call him with Aspade Kheart. An A-K-10 flop and king turn ended any hopes of an upset. With Huntly's elimination in ninth place ($155,000), the eight remaining players consolidated to the Aussie Millions main event final table.

As fans watched on the flat-screen monitors located throughout the casino, the field of eight gathered under the lights of the FSN televised set. With the actual TV final table one elimination away, play slowed as the participants tried to avoid going out on the tournament's second dreaded bubble (except for Gus Hansen, who took numerous blinds and antes with a series of preflop raises).

At 3:55 p.m., Jimmy Fricke, a online qualifier, called the all-in reraise of Jakob Glassi. After doubling up once already with a flush (and cracking Julius Colman's pocket aces in the process), Glassi appeared poised to increase his stack again when he showed Jclub Jheart and Fricke turned over Aheart 10diamond. But Fricke, who eliminated three consecutive players in the previous day's action despite being behind, paired his ace on the Aspade 6club 5spade flop. The 6heart gave Fricke a superior two pair, and the 8club river ended Glassi's run with an eighth-place finish ($155,000).

The chip counts going into the 2007 Aussie Millions final table are as follows:

1. Jimmy "Gobboboy" Fricke - $5,175,000
2. Gus Hansen - $4,845,000
3. Andrew Black - $1,200,000
4. Kristy Gazes - $1,050,000
5. Julius Colman - $785,000
6. Marc Karam - $535,000
7. Hans Vogl - $455,000

Action resumes at 1 p.m. and will conclude with the crowning of a new Aussie Millions main event champion.

Stay tuned to for more news and information on the Southern Hemisphere's richest poker tournament.

Final Table Odds - Provided by Centrebet

Gus Hansen: 6-to-4
Jimmy "Gobboboy" Fricke: 7-to-4
Andrew Black: 9-to-2
Kristy Gazes: 10-to-1
Julius Colman: 14-to-1
Marc Karam: 16-to-1
Hans Vogl: 20-to-1

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