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World Series Of Poker Main Event Comes To An End For NBA Star Paul Pierce

Pierce Knocked Out With Around 800 People Left On Thursday Night


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Basketball star Paul Piece’s main event run has come to an end. During the last level of play on day 3 on Thursday night, Pierce busted in around 800th place.

Pierce was close to finishing in the money, as the top 695 were paid.

Andrew Feldman over at ESPN picked up Pierce’s final hand:

Pierce called a three-bet from Christopher Smith in the cutoff. After a flop of ASpade Suit JHeart Suit 3Diamond Suit, Pierce checked and Smith bet 15,000. Pierce called, leading to a turn 6Spade Suit where he checked-called a bet of 35,000. A river 4Spade Suit enticed an all-in from Pierce and sent Smith into the tank. After some time, Smith ultimately called and showed A-J for a better two pair than Pierce’s A-4.

Pierce was burnt out of doing interviews by the last break in the evening, as he turned down a request from Card Player. Earlier in the day, Pierce told ESPN that the World Series of Poker “is a great atmosphere that has a lot of cool people.” He added: “This is the world of poker right here in the Rio. This is the whole world coming to one spot for the last two months and you get a chance to enjoy it. I get a chance to be amongst the best.”

Pierce has never cashed in a WSOP event.

Given that his poker game has seemingly improved over the years, Pierce could be a forced to be reckoned with whenever he steps away from basketball. He’s currently a free agent.

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