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Gambler In Las Vegas Almost Loses $350,000 On World Cup Match, Saved By Last-Minute Goal

Lionel Messi's Strike During Injury Time Prevents The Heartbreak


According to a report from ESPN, a gambler in Las Vegas almost lost a total of $350,000 on Iran vs. Argentina in the 2014 World Cup.

Argentina was such a massive favorite in the match, but it took a last-minute goal from Lionel Messi to secure the win.

According to the report: “An unnamed better staked $230,000 on Argentina to beat Iran at a William Hill outlet at Las Vegas’ Tuscany Casino. Such were the short odds of such a bet, it would only return a profit of $20,000. According to company spokesman Michael Grodsky, it was the largest wager on the World Cup taken by William Hill, but that did not stop the same customer returning on Friday to put another $120,000 on the same outcome.”

Sports betting in Las Vegas gave Nevada casinos around $200 million in revenue in 2013.



over 7 years ago

$200 million revenue? Can we clarify that number, doesn't sound correct.