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Las Vegas Sees First Bitcoin ATM In Casino

The D Casino In Downtown Las Vegas Unveils Machine


“Robocoin” has made Las Vegas history.

As of Thursday, The D casino located in Downtown Las Vegas had Sin City’s first ever bitcoin ATM, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

In January, the D and Golden Gate casino, which are both under the same umbrella of ownership, became the first casinos in Las Vegas to accept limited bitcoin use.

The digital currency was authorized for non-gaming activities such as dining.

After what was apparently a successful experiment, the D is going forward with the ATM.

According to the report, the ATM is expected to help allow high rollers from overseas to get the funds available to gamble. Las Vegas is increasingly becoming reliant on high-stakes table game action for gaming revenue growth. Slot machine revenue is on the decline.

In October of last year, a Robocoin ATM in a Vancouver, Canada coffee shop became the world’s first bitcoin ATM—and it instantly was a success.

The Robocoin machine, which is owned by a Nevada based company, facilities the speedy transferring of bitcoin into U.S. dollars and vice versa.

Twenty of them are now in use around the world, according to the Review-Journal.

While the bitcoin ATM could help gaming revenue figures for the D, bitcoins themselves are still not acceptable directly for gambling. The digital currency is still being scrutinized by governments. Some want the digital currency to be highly regulated.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has approved it so far for non-gaming uses.

The booming popularity of digital currency in the United States prompted lawmakers on Capitol Hill to hold their first ever hearing on the topic in November.

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