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Six Of Final 27 In Canceled Borgata Poker Tournament Sue Casino, Say Payout Was Insufficient

The Second Shortest Stack Among Those Unhappy With Decision


Six of the men left standing in the infamous Borgata poker tournament that was canceled have filed suit against the casino, claiming that it didn’t do a good enough job to monitor the event and that the compensenation to the 27 who were still alive was inadequare.

This is according to Press of Atlantic City.

Duane Haughton, Michael Sneideman, Cuong Tran, Cuong Phung, Alvin Vatanavan and Christopher Korres filed the suit Tuesday in Atlantic County Superior Court.

Their suit is the second stemming from the incident. In February, thousands of players who entered the event sued, alleging fraud and negligence on behalf of the Borgata.

In April, it was announced that the final 27 in the event were going to be paid $19,323 each. They were basically paid a little better than 10th place money. The top prize was $372,123.

Interestingly, none of the aforementioned six were within the top 10 in chips when the event was canceled. Korres was actually the second shortest stack.

Twenty-seventh place was set to earn $8,140.

According to the report, the suit from the six requests $33,756.44 each.

Buy-in refunds for 2,143 players were also part of the decision.

The buy-in was $500+$60 and 4,814 total players entered.

The event was suspended, and then later canceled, with 27 left after it was discovered that there were fake chips in play. Christian Lusardi, the man accused of the crime, is in jail awaiting trial.

Lusardi made a small cash in the event.

Here’s a look at the chip counts when the event was canceled.

Allard Broedelet — 10,315,000
Nick Guagenti — 9,745,000
Joel Gola — 5,650,000
Jesse Letchworth — 5,610,000
Kevin Choe — 5,110,000
Adam Gerber — 4,700,000
Jack Rocaberte — 4,510,000
Gerard Kane — 4,300,000
Adeel Khawaja — 4,250,000
Andrew Clancy — 4,000,000
Alvin Vatanavan — 3,700,000
Cuong Tran — 3,550,000
Thu Le — 3,465,000
Duane Haughton — 3,065,000
Stephen Celeste — 3,010,000
Jason Groelly — 2,945,000
John Weiss — 2,775,000
Cuong Phung — 2,575,000
Anthony Imperial — 2,300,000
Darren Elias — 2,145,000
Dimas Martinez — 2,000,000
Michael Sneidman — 1,950,000
Antonio Walker — 1,550,000
Joe Cutler — 1,160,000
Glenn Lafaye — 1,100,000
Chris Korres — 1,050,000
Anthony Maio — 840,000



over 8 years ago

the Borgata should have just paid each remaining player 27th place money and called it a day....this could have happened anywhere.