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Watch Preview Of Jonathan Little's Upcoming Class On How To Level Up

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Card Player recently partnered with 2-time World Poker Tour Champion Jonathan Little to teach a series of live poker training webinars.

As part of this partnership, Little is sharing a free preview video of his upcoming class with Card Player subscribers where he discusses how to “level up,” but it will only be available this week only.

“Leveling up” is when you make a giant leap forward in your progression as a poker player.

Click here to watch this FREE “leveling up” video

Little is also giving away a FREE video to everyone who enrolls in his “Leveling Up” class. In this free video, Little teaches you how to take notes from your live poker sessions.

Little’s “Leveling Up” class will be taught LIVE this Saturday online.

If you have a computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android device with a decent internet connection, you can attend online.

Enroll NOW and get Little’s video, “Note Taking For Live Poker,” FREE

If you can’t attend the webinar live on Saturday, April 19th at Noon EDT, don’t worry…

As long as you enroll, you’ll still get the recordings (videos and mp3s) so you won’t miss a single minute of the class.

You’ll be able to watch or listen to these recordings on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device!

You have until THIS Friday, April 18th, at Midnight to sign up and get the bonus video for FREE.

Sign up NOW to get the recordings from the class and the bonus video

  • Here are the topics Little will be discussing during his LIVE three-hour training on Saturday April 19th:
  • His journey from being a complete amateur poker player to a professional.
  • Many of the things he has learned throughout his journey.
  • How he went from being a super nit to being able to adjust to his competition
  • How he expanded his consciousness to realize what other people are doing
  • The things he’s currently doing to make himself better
  • How to progress from a complete amateur to a reasonable player to a pretty good player, and finally to a winning player
  • How to beat the small stakes games and move up to the higher stakes games
  • Four things you simply MUST do to improve
  • How to write down and review your play
  • Why it’s bad to try to memorize your hands
  • Why writing down your hands and reviewing them on a regular basis will make you a better player
  • Why discussing your hands with your peers and a coach is important
  • How to pinpoint your errors and adjust your strategy accordingly
  • Why playing on autopilot will keep you from becoming an excellent player
  • When taking shots at higher stakes and higher buy-in tournaments is a good idea and when it is not
  • How to figure out if you are actually good at poker and why this is so important
  • How to adjust vs. difficult opponents
  • How to get the most out of private coaching
  • Whether you should play tournaments, cash games, or both

This will be a three-hour LIVE training event, and this is the ONLY time Little will be teaching it.

If you want to make a giant leap forward in your progression as a poker player, then this training will give you a solid road map to follow.

Click here to enroll NOW and get the bonus video