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Atlantic City Casinos Win $11.9 Million From Online Gambling In March

Web Gambling Revenue Jumps 15 Percent From February


Internet gambling revenue in Atlantic City has reached its highest level ever.

According to a state report released Monday, the city’s casinos reported web gaming win of $11.9 million in March. That figure was a 15.2-percent increase compared to the $10.3 million in February. Revenues have steadily been climbing since the games launched late last year.

Of the $11.9 million, around $3.2 million came from online poker. Poker was $3.1 million of the figure in February. Poker increased in size, but decreased in its piece of the overall pie.

For comparison with Nevada: The Silver State’s poker sites captured $824,000 in rake from online poker in February. Nevada’s numbers from March aren’t yet available.

According to Adam Krejcik of Eilers Research, the New Jersey market size for the year is on pace to be around $142.5 million. At one point in the not-so-distant past, some state officials in New Jersey were thinking that online gaming could be worth $1 billion in the first year.

That outrageous estimate was eventually debunked.

As of Mar. 31, nearly 292,000 Internet gaming accounts had been created since the beginning of soft play on Nov. 21, 2013. At the end of February, there were 248,241 accounts.

The number of New Jersey web gaming accounts doesn’t refer to the number of unique players, as customers can sign up for an account at each Internet gaming website.

The Garden State report also included mention that total gaming win from the brick-and-mortar casinos and their Internet gaming operations was $233.4 million in March. That was a 2.2-percent decline compared to the $238.5 million in casino win for March 2013.

It is worth noting that there was one fewer casino this March.

Atlantic City was in the national spotlight this past weekend, as one of its casinos sued poker pro Phil Ivey in an effort to recoup $9.6 million. The casino said Ivey and his gambling companion cheated while playing high-stakes baccarat in 2012.



almost 8 years ago

alrite so this just pisses me off even more because they are making all this money... but not a single dime seems to be going on software improvements. they just keep adding more tourneys with more money to attract players. but once they have u, they dont give a shit. still the same problems with all of these sites since their inception. bugs/glitches/lags/location confirmation problems/crashes etc. my friends and i have figured out a way to fix these problems... by restarting the program or the computer. its amazing how many times we have had to do this. if i had a dollar for everytime, i wouldnt have to gamble on the website. for a program that you gamble on with real money live, theres is always the chance of you having problems mid play. Pokerstars and even the defunct Full Tilt never had these problems back in the day. and if they did, they was a support staff willing to help you. these nj casinos OUTSOURCE their customer service instead of staying in nj and creating some jobs. that should tell you right there where the mind set of these internet sites is. where are the people making sure these companies arent taking our money? where are all the profits going? Why are there so many people having constant problems? honestly, its really amazing that nj allowed these people to release these products in the condition that they are in... sick part is im a winning player complaining. this is gambling online. there should be perfection. there shouldnt be the same problems since your inception last year. these sites should be scared of Pokerstars entering the market. yeah theres bigger, better games, but its more of the professionalism and comfort knowing theres a big company who cares for its players that have ppl keep gambling on there