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Poker Pro Ralph Perry Makes His Mark on the WPT

Las Vegan High Stakes Poker Player Takes Home WPC Event 4 Bracelet


Day 1 End of DayIt was close to midnight, on day 1 of the Bellagio's 2006 World Poker Classic event No. 4, when playersDavid Williams and Ralph Perry on Day 1 called it a day and the final table was decided. Two hundred three entrants shelled out $3,000 apiece, with the prize pool spilling over a half million dollars. Only 18 players were getting paid.

In the time following the dinner break until the whistle blew on day 1, a whole lot of shakin' went on. Chip leaders turned into fodder for the longshot short stacks with their last-minute "Hail Mary" plays. Rallying back in the final hours of competition to place in the money were David Williams, who went deep in yet another event and eked into the money at 18th place, and Alex Jacob, who skidded out of the final table draw and went home in 14th place. Tony Cousineu followed in 13thFinal Table place.

2006 WSOP Event winner Ralph Perry, chipleader going into Day 2, was ready to carve his name into the World Poker Tour wall of Final Tablefame, as the longtime cash game player is now officially riding the tournament dragon. (With a lot of coaxing from his wife Merri, of course.)

Roland De Wolfe made a comeback after being short-stacked on day 1, coming second in chips. Peter Gould was on his heels. Lance Allred's chip count was steady throughout day 1, and he was headed into day 2 fourth in chips. Massoud Nikjouian was clearly in the lead before dinner with an acre of felt to house his mansion of clay, but got crushed before the whistle blew on day 1. Rene Angelil came in in middle positon, but David Plastik, Bill Ferrand, Gioi Luong, and Tony Ma were severely short-stacked. Chip leader Ralph Perry had 10 times the amount of chips that the underdog Tony Ma had.

The final table looked like this:

1. Roland De Wolfe - $177,500
2. Tony Ma - 31,000
3. Gioi Luong - 47,000
4. Peter Gould - 172,500
5. Lance Allred - 128,500
6. Massoud Nikjouian - 123,000
7. David Plastik - 60,500
8. Rene Angelil - 120,000
9. Bill Ferrand - 55,000
10. Ralph Perry - 304,500

This is what they were fighting for:
1. $234,635
2. $124,350
3. $62,175
4. $33,905
5. $25,435
6. $19,785
7. $14,130
8. $11,305
9. $9,045
10. $6,785

David Plastik came out firing both barrels and doubled up once through Allred, then muscled up some more in a multihanded pot. Rene Angelil, sitting in front of Plastik, took Tony Ma down early.

Lance Allred finished in 10th place with $6,785.

Tony Ma finished in 9th place with $9,045.

Bill Ferrand pushed with A-9 suited and the rest of table folded until Angelil called Ferrand with his A-K. Ferrand missed the board completely and Angelil scooped the pot. Ferrand went home with $11,305 in eighth place.

Massoud Nikjouian was on the downslide, but despite some bad breaks, he remained in good spirits during his visit at the final table. Unfortunately his run ended when his ace paired on the flop and he raised all in. Perry also spiked a bigger ace and Nikjouian couldn't pair hisDavid Plastik kicker. He went home in seventh place with $14, 130.

Ralph Perry had 2.5 as many chips as Roland De Wolfe, with $220,00, going into five-handed play. David Plastik and Rene Angelil were side by side and neck and neck with around $190,000 each. Gioi Long and Peter Gould were in trouble.

Peter GouldGould pushed before the flop for his last $50,000 with K-9 suited and Perry took a swing at knocking him out with Jclub Theart, but Perry just doubled him up when the board came A-Q-5-4-3. Gould was back in the running with about $110,000.

Luong doubled through De Wolf when he pushed all in before the flop with A-9 and De Wolfe called with K-Q. The flop came 10-8-4 and Luong maintained the lead. He spiked an ace on the turn, but it also gave De Wolfe a straight draw. Unfortunately, De Wolfe just paired his king on the river, awarding Luong the pot.

David Plastik pushed with $120,000 with A-J. Perry to his left, called with Q-10 offsuit. The flop came Q-8-6, pairing Perry right away. The turn, a 6, and a 9 on the river, busted Plastik who went home in fifth place with $25,435.

Perry had made a promise to his son Sean, who was celebrating his 10th birthday, that dad would be bringing home the bracelet. Perry had every intention of keeping that promise.

Perry's next victim was Luong, who was short-stacked for most of the day. Luong moved all in with A-8. Perry called with pocket sevens. Like magic, the flop came 9-7-3. Gioi stood and watched helplessly as a 10 on the turn and a 3 on the river sealed the win for Perry. Massoud NikjoulanGioi Luong went home in fourth place with $33,905.

It was down to three players, but Perry and De Wolfe proved to be fierce rivals. Angelil sat back and did his best to stay out of the line of fire. A key hand between De Wolfe and Perry happened when De Wolfe pushed with Q-J and Perry called him with K-Q. The pot was near $400,000, and if De Wolfe won the hand, he'd double up considerably. If Perry won, it would be his third casualty in a row. The flop came Q-8-4 and Perry was in the lead. The turn, a 5, did little to change the outcome. But a jack fell on the river, giving De Wolfe two pair. It crippled Perry going into the next hand.

Perry took another hit when, after a flop of 8spade 8club 3club, De Wolfe pushed all in for $237,000 in the big blind with Qheart 6club. Perry thought for a moment and then called, turning over Aspade Kclub. It appeared Perry would take the pot, but the 6diamond came on the turn, pairing the underdog De Wolfe. Spectators and tournament players, hearing the tournament director announcing the bad beat over the microphone, let out a collective groan. But no one made more noise than Mrs. Perry, who had just arrived in support of her husband. The river, the 10diamond, sealed the win for De Wolfe who doubled up and became the clear chip leader.

Rene AngelilAngelil could only sit quietly for so long. He finally moved all in from the small blind before the flop with his last $165,000. Perry folded, but De Wolfe called. Angelil showed Aspade Kclub, De Wolfe had Aclub 9club. The flop came Kspade 8diamond 4diamond, pairing Angelil. The turn, the 2heart and the river, the 9spade, sealed the win for Angelil, doubling him up.

De Wolfe served Perry another bad beat when the flop came Jclub 7diamond 6diamond and De Wolfe pushed from early position. Perry called from the button. De Wolfe showed 6club 10club and Perry had him dominated with Kheart 6spade. The flop came Jclub 7diamond 6diamond allowing Perry to maintain the lead. But the river, a 10, gave De Wolfe another pair, awarding him the pot.

Angelil doubled up again through deWolfe, who was using his lead to his advantage and cuddling up with a very friendly deck. Angelil pushed with K-8 suited and deWolfe called with 6-4 offsuit. The flop of Q-10-8 leaned in Angelil's favor, but deWolfe had pulled several rabbits out of his hat in the past. Angelil smiled and feigned holding his breath as the turn and river, a 9 and a 5, gave him the win and doubled him up.
But on the next hand, Angelil pushed with A-5 and De Wolfe called with 6-9. A 9 on the flop paired De Wolfe andRalph Perry and Roland deWolfe Angelil couldn't improve. He went home in third place with $62,175.

It was heads up between Perry, holding less than $200,000, and De Wolfe, who'd been on a heater and was going into the round with a 5-1 chip lead.

Perry gained some ground after a flop of Aclub 4heart 6club, and he pushed for his last $100,000. De Wolfe called. Perry turned over 5-3 for a straight draw, and deWolfe showed A-4 suited for two pair. The turn was an 8, but the river gave Perry the deuce he needed to complete his hand and give De Wolfe a taste of his own medicine. Perry had just dealt De Wolfe an equalizer.

Closer to even in chips, the two appeared to be in negotiations, but it wasn't over the money. Both players made it clear they were going for the bracelet.

From that moment on, Perry went on a roll with the home court advantage and support of locals.

Ralph PerryPerry began dealing De Wolfe one blow after another and ended the round with over $900,000. De Wolfe was on the ropes.Ralph and Merri Perry After a flop of 6heart 3diamond 2heart, De Wolfe pushed for his last $200,000. Perry called. De Wolfe paired the board with 6diamond 5diamond and Perry showed his inside straight draw with Adiamond 4club. The 5spade on the turn completed Perry's hand, but De Wolfe could still win with another 5 or a 6. The river sealed De Wolfe's fate with the 8club.

Perry had finally delivered the knockout.

Roland De Wolfe went home in second place with $124,350.

Ralph Perry won $234,635, the bracelet he promised to his 10-year-old son, and a $25,000 seat into the World Poker Tour Championship in April.