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Las Vegas Sands Launching Online Gaming Site

Online Poker Room and Casino Will Go Live in about Half a Year


The Sands is moving into cyberspace.

The Las Vegas Sands Corporation, which has had great success with The Venetian in Las Vegas and The Sands in Macao, China, announced it will launch an online gaming company with Cantor Gaming, an affiliate of bond brokerage Cantor Fitzgerald. An online poker site is planned as part of the deal.

According to the Sands Corporation, Cantor Gaming will provide a complete online casino and poker destination featuring Las Vegas Sands brands, including The Venetian, Sands, and the about-to-be-built Palazzo, and Paiza. The site will be launched during the second quarter of 2007 and will be initially offered only to customers in the U.K. and won't be available to customers in the U.S.

The site will be hosted and in compliance with the laws of Alderney, British Channel Islands.

This is the not the first partnership between the two organizations. In May, Las Vegas Sands announced The Venetian's plans to become the first Nevada casino to provide mobile gaming based upon Cantor technology.

The U.K. is set to become the largest industrialized country in the world to tax and regulate online gambling. All the rules and regulations are planned to be in place by autumn of 2007.

Shares of the Sands Corporation on the New York Stock Exchange jumped nearly $6 on the news of the plan. As of Wednesday, its shares were trading at $95.83.

The owner of the Sands, Sheldon Adelson, is already one of the richest men in the world. He is third on the Forbes 400 list, which is a list of the richest people anywhere. According to Forbes, Adelson is worth more than $20 billion and during the last two years, he has averaged making a little lower than $1 million per hour.

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over 15 years ago

Interesting, and Harrah's supported the UIGA?


over 15 years ago

Not too mention Harrah's just launched a "Peer" to "Peer" online gaming portal that is planed to be used in 5-8 K sites according to them.
Hummm, is UIGA REALLY going to outlaw money transfers?
The reality (I would bet on in the end) will be even sports betting is going to be legalized by UIGA.
Gotta read what is & is not said real close and HOW is said is worded.


over 15 years ago

Cantor Gaming is an incredible buy at 5 cents a share. This could make them the next Cryptologic (CRYP), not to mention the other wireless deals them have made for handheld with LVS in LV and Macau!

I can't believe this stock gets no play!


over 15 years ago

Mike Smith...what is Cantor Gaming's symbol? On what exchange are they trading on?


over 15 years ago

good hope this starts a trend so maybe our casinos in the USA can open online poker and sports betting websites sites not these outside the US borders all for themselves give nothing back to our economy the money goes into these foreign owned corporations where they run themselves with impunityor without any regulation just a fee they pay to these back ward off shore Countries for fee and anybody can open up a casinos not like our where independent gaming commisions would be put in place to protect both player and operatos alike plus the online players can keep playing without this cat and mouse game going on now with are own mis informed govermant and my little silly phrase i writei is let the players play and let the money stay look you got FULL TILT and its pros the most vocal against the US online ban or law on online gaming which was partly right the law dos sucks but they are saying online poker is a skill game well i totally disagree but that said this site which was created in part by pros they let these same PROS play cash games against weaker or novice players thats a nice set up and howard lederer goes to Washington DC. what a rep who chose him a rep from a site who is in my opinion is stealing from people by allowing pros TO PLAY CASH against every day players this would not happen if casinos like the Mirage or Rio ran these sites thats the differance of having online gaming in the right hands and your money without a doubt would be 100%%%%%%%%%%% safer and the shuffling process or random card generator for you players who play online allot know what i am taking about sometimes question the beats and the just seem impossible or unbelievable Jeez or my words /.,';]-=-;';ll these cards the gaming commisions would over see and make sure of the fairness not these sites saying that they are fair which they more than likely they are but this way their is no doubt not somebody on the other end of an of a customer service email saying this and that bullshit please if anybody thinks what i said is wrong i would like to hear fom you thanks by the way my chat has been taken away for three months at FULL TILT so i am being honest too so it not all sour grapes BUT I SINCERLY BELIEVE everybody would be better of with USA CASINOS controlling onlne poker PLUS and any time you had any complaint or problem it would be handled independently if you and the casino or site reached an impasse right now its THIER WAY OR THE HIGHWAY