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-$16 Million Now For Gus Hansen On Full Tilt Poker

Poker Pro Reaches Lowest Point Ever On Software


This is his lowest point ever on the software.

We reported Friday that Gus Hansen started off the year on a nearly $700,000 downswing, and since then he has dropped yet another $300,000, which brings his deficit on the year already to seven-figures and his lifetime hole on the software to an astounding $16 million.

That’s more than twice as terrible as the second worst account of all time.

Those figures, via tracking site HighstakesDB, correspond to the results from his “Gus Hansen” screen name, which was created in 2006. That account has logged nearly 1.4 million hands over the years, according to the tracking.

Here’s a look at his HSDB graph:

Hansen is paid by Full Tilt — which is under the same umbrella of ownership as PokerStars — to represent the site. Hansen was a member of the team of sponsored pros when the site became engulfed in scandal under previous ownership. Like many, Hansen was never accused of any wrongdoing and came out from it with another chance to endorse the brand.

Hansen’s losses so far this year came after he recorded a nice few days to begin January. However, like has been the case for well over a year now, he couldn’t hold it together.

What makes his roughly 14-month long slide even more incredible is that he was on a historic $6 million upswing prior to Black Friday in April 2011. It appears the time off was devastating.

Check back on Friday for another update on the high-stakes poker world.



over 7 years ago

It's always fun hearing about Gus having another big loss.


over 7 years ago

It's a complete non story anymore because it is obviously not real money, otherwise how could he afford 16M in losses? Someone is paying his bills and doesn't care that he loses.


over 7 years ago

I agree - the numbers just don't add up...

Is Gus that bad ? I don' think anybody can be beaten that much at those levels for such a time..He has a pedigree..

Strange - but this online thing to me as a whole does not seem real - lol..

Good luck Gus..


over 7 years ago

I suspect that his account is funded by Full Tilt "loans" and that, for the most part, he is losing to other players funded by Full Tilt "loans" that are only ever repaid from winnings at the site.

It seems like a sweet strategy - fund a stable of the best players in the world to take on all comers with big bankrolls. If your show ponies lose to each other, it just promotes play at the site. As long as they don't lose to anyone with an account they could actually make a withdrawal from, Full Tilt is ahead. Chances are pretty good that a stable of the best will come out ahead.


over 7 years ago

I'm beginning to think it's not even Gus Hansen behind that screen name, but rather maybe Guy Laliberte using Gus's name to dump more millions into the poker world. How else can you explain it? I mean, who the heck would keep funding Gus at this point?


over 7 years ago


It's time to get a real job .... You suck @ Poker


over 7 years ago

What an epic meltdown. I guess he finally ran out of suck outs...