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Nick Cassavetes Says L.A. Businessman Stopped Payment On Gambling Debt Check

Hollywood Director Is Going After Kevin Washington For $217K


CassavetesTMZ has reported that Hollywood director Nick Cassavetes, who has appeared on GSN’s popular “High Stakes Poker”, is suing a L.A. businessman over a massive gambling debt.

Cassavetes is going after Kevin Washington, after the latter gave the former a handwritten check for $72,600 and then allegedly contacted the bank to stop payment.

According to the report, Cassavetes is suing him for $217,800 — three times the value of the check. TMZ indicated that Cassavetes obviously believes the “stop payment” to be deliberate and malicious.

Washington’s dad reportedly owns Montana Rail Link — the largest privately owned railroad company in the U.S. The younger Washington is also a partner in an aviation company. In other words, he should have had the money to pay; but who knows with degens.

It’s unclear what kind of gambling debt is involved here, but it might be safe to guess that it’s coming from a home poker game. Cassavetes is known to be a frequent player in high-stakes underground games involving other celebrities, businessmen and athletes.



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