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Vegas Cabbie Finds $300K Belonging To Poker Pro In Brown Paper Bag

Veteran Driver Decides To Return The Money


A veteran cab driver in Las Vegas recently found a bag with $300,000 that was left in his cab and decided to return it, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

The mammoth sum was left — and forgotten — in a brown paper bag.

Gerardo Gamboa originally thought that the contents of the bag were just chocolate, so he was flabbergasted when discovering what was really inside.

“My God, this is cash money,” Gamboa reportedly said.

Instead of keeping it, he drove the bag over to his company’s main office. The police were called and with the help of the Cosmopolitan the money was eventually returned to the rightful owner. It was a professional poker player.

The authorities didn’t provide the name of the player.

It’s unclear if Gamboa received any money in addition to the $5 tip he received originally from the poker player for giving him a ride.

In October 2012, another Las Vegas cabbie returned a massive six-figure sum.

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over 7 years ago

The local news said the player was planning on giving the guy a big tip, and he got $1K from the cab company for his honesty! good for him!


over 7 years ago

Just imagine. Right now Gerardo could be back in his home country sipping a campari at the beach!