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Online Poker: Niklas Heinecker Up $4.2 Million

German Is Now The Biggest Winner On The Internet In 2013


Niklas “ragen70” Heinecker won $400,000 over the past seven days on Full Tilt Poker, which brings his winnings on the year on the site to $4.19 million, according to HighstakesDB.

The German is now the biggest winner on the year in the online poker world.

His performance has been incredible, since he didn’t start playing on the site in 2013 until around May, and he was actually in the hole in mid-August.

The past few months or so have made him the eighth biggest winner in online poker history.

Heinecker’s largest career online pot came in August at $400-$800 no-limit hold’em.

The action began with Heinecker ($500,000 in his stack) raising to $2,000. It was folded around to unknown MalACEsia ($200,000 stack) in the big blind. S/he made it $7,200, and Heinecker elected to call with position and huge pot odds.

The flop fell 9Spade Suit 7Spade Suit 5Diamond Suit, and MalACEsia bet $9,600. Heinecker made it $25,600, and MalACEsia four-bet to $80,000. Heinecker five-bet shoved, and MalACEsia called.

Heinecker tabled the 8Heart Suit 6Heart Suit for the nuts, while MalACEsia was drawing for a flush with the ASpade Suit QSpade Suit. According to Card Player’s hold’em odds calculator, MalACEsia wins slightly more than a third of the time. The high-stakes players ran it just once.

The turn brought the 7Club Suit, which wasn’t what MalACEsia needed. The 2Heart Suit on the river completed the board and gave the German a massive $403,000 pot.

He is having an incredible year in the live setting as well.

In June, Heinecker took down the HK 1,000,000 ($130,000 USD) buy-in event that attracted 71 entrants, 54 of whom exercised their option to rebuy. A massive HK 119 million prize pool ($15.4 million USD) was created. Heinecker captured $4.5 million of that.

If you combine the two figures, Heinecker has won around $8.7 million this year, which is more than 2013 WSOP main event champion Ryan Riess won just last week.

It is possible that the 28-year-old German is having the best year out of any poker player.

Image via HighstakesDB.