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Online Poker: Blom, Polk Play Huge $490,000 Cooler

Poker Pros Play One Of Largest Pots Of The Year Saturday


Doug “WCGRider” Polk had just come off crushing Ben “Sauce1234” Sulsky for a massive six-figure sum in their heads-up challenge when he played the biggest pot of his life. The hand happened on Saturday at $400-$800 against Viktor “Isildur1” Blom.

Polk had the button and raised to $2,400. Blom three-bet to $8,800. Polk four-bet to $21,600 and Blom called. The flop fell 10Club Suit 5Club Suit 2Club Suit.

Blom checked, and Polk fired $17,600.

The Swede wasn’t interested in check-raising a moderate amount. He decided to shove his entire stack of $271,900 into the middle, which put his opponent all-in.

Polk called for his remaining stack of around $223,000.

The hands were tabled and Blom showed pocket tens for top set, but Polk had the AClub Suit KClub Suit.

According to the hold’em odds calculator, Polk’s hand holds up about 65 percent of the time.

The turn and river were run just once, as it came QClub Suit AHeart Suit to secure the hand for Polk. He raked in the $490,096 pot. He told Card Player the hand was “standard.”

The hand was the fourth largest on the year so far, and the second biggest no-limit hold’em hand in 2013. In June, unknown Denoking raked in a $498,028 pot with pocket aces in a six-handed game. His/her opponent held A-K and all the money went in preflop.

Despite Polk’s win in the aforementioned hand, Blom managed to beat him for a seven-figure sum in the session, according to tracking data from HighstakesDB.

Blom is now up $3.6 million on the year, while Polk is in the black $480,000.