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Free Bluffing Tips Video and PDF From Jonathan Little This Week Only

Four-Hour Webinar Offered Nov. 2 On Bluffing, Card Player Readers Get A $20 Discount


Jonathan LittleCard Player recently partnered with two-time World Poker Tour champion Jonathan Little to teach a series of live poker training webinars.

As part of this partnership, Little is giving Card Player readers a free video and PDF with some of his best bluffing tips, but they will be available this week only.

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For those of you who want a deeper understanding of bluffing, Little will be teaching a live 4-hour webinar on bluffing this Saturday, Nov. 2nd, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. EST.

This will be a four-hour LIVE training event, and this is the ONLY time Little will be teaching it.

During this live online training, Little will reveal all of his bluffing strategies. Little will also be going over plenty of hand examples to illustrate various bluffing situations.

Card Player readers can get a $20 discount by using Coupon Code CARDPLAYER when they enroll. This coupon code expires THIS Friday, Nov. 1st, at Midnight.

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Here are the topics Little will be teaching on Saturday’s LIVE webinar:

• What is the goal of bluffing?
• Who to bluff
• Who NOT to bluff
• When to bluff
• When NOT to bluff
• Putting your opponent on a range of hands
• Deciding how much to bet to get the job done
• Bluffing when your opponent leads into you on the river
• Bluffing on paired boards
• Bluffing when the turn changes the board
• Bluffing when the turn does not change the board
• Bluffing on the river when a scary card comes
• Bluffing your opponent off a chop
• Bluffing when your opponent’s range is clearly all bluff catchers
• Running insane multi-street bluffs
• Semi-bluffing for your entire stack when facing a raise
• Inducing bluffs on the river

Little is also giving away bonuses worth over $300 for FREE to everyone who enrolls in his bluffing class which he will be teaching this Saturday, November 2nd, at 3 p.m. EST.

You have until THIS Friday, November 1st, at Midnight to sign up for his bluffing class, save $20 and get these bonus videos for FREE.

If you want to learn how to bluff more effectively and get bluffed less, then this training will teach you how.

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Be sure to use Coupon Code CARDPLAYER to get your $20 discount. This coupon code expires THIS Friday, November 1st, at Midnight.